Apple vs Dell: dead drives

I had a dead drive on my G4 laptop.  It took 3 months.  Not all Apple’s fault…but this sounds too familiar.  Seems that if you are lucky enough to be free of a local IT support division, then the Apple Genius bar will step in and fill the void…

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The Economist gets it.

Slashdot picked up this article.

In-house IT staffs are in trouble.

Using Google’s services has several advantages for companies. Most employees already know how to use web-based software, and thus do not need training. They can access the services through any web browser, regardless of what kind of computer (or telephone) they use. Like the consumer service, the corporate product is free. (Mr Sannier pays for support—“less than $10,000”—but most organisations do not.) And in-house IT staff need do absolutely nothing, since the data and software reside on Google’s server computers.

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Apple may plan “jaw-dropping” technology in 2008

AppleInsider is reporting that Apple plans on delivering an embedded version of Mac OS X that can be used to converge its mobile offerings with its dekstop and server platforms.

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Firefox 3.0 to use cocoa

Grand Paradiso list of changes contains this regarding the move to retire the use of carbon widgets from Firefox and Thunderbird in favor of cocoa widgets.

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ZFS supported in Leopard?

OS News is reporting that this french site is reporting (with screen shots) that the newest Leopard build has support for ZFS, except for being able to boot from a ZFS partition.

The site was being truely hammered when I posted this, so that
I could not get a look.  OS news is usually pretty reliable, though.

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Google partners with GoDaddy

Looks like You can get your domain register as well as outfitted at Google.  One stop shopping

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SynchroEdit – I need this

From the site

SynchroEdit is a browser-based simultaneous multiuser editor, a form of same-time, different-place groupware. It allows multiple users to edit a single web-based document at the same time, and it continuously synchronizes all changes so that users always have the same version.

Sounds like record locking is character at a time.  Edits from each user are color-coded, too.

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Gartner endorses blogs for the Enterprise – sort of

The Inquirer is good about distilling Gartner reports into free, easily digestible nuggets.

In this one, they say that the blogging fad is over, and

“bogging will only become the “norm” for those to whom normal is defined as writing what they did in their holidays for the edification of others.”

Just replace the word “holidays” with “shift”, and we have a winner.

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Meeting scheduling web service

For 10 bucks a year, TimeToMeet will schedule your group meetings using your Google, iCal, Outlook, calendars as input…

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Why Vista is the last buffalo

The stories have been bopping about since April, or so, and they are still coming out.  Head on over to to see why the monolithic OS is endangered. 

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