Firefox extension gives split screen

For those times when a side-by-side comparison of two pages is all that will do.

Split Browser | Firefox Add-ons | Mozilla Corporation

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Getting started on Enterprise 2.0

A list of how a manager can get started on moving forward with  Enterprise 2.0 initiatives.

My favorite is

Chances are you have at least a few clued-in people. Take them to lunch and and give them some space to share their ideas.

Sounds like Cuban sandwiches and Hop Devils for free!

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Five tips: getting blogs accepted in the Enterprise

In the first of a series of “five tips” articles: Tips for gaining adoption gives a set of pointers that looks pretty similar to what we tried.

Leave comments about how either these tips are wrong, or how we managed to botch implementing them.

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Read MS Office attachments in GMail

You can now open Word and Excel attachments in Gmail
directly in Google Docs.

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Caltech develops nanowire molecular memory

At 80GB in a square inch,  its pushes the density of IBM’s
Millipede design.

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Web 2.0 Webinar from IBM and Gartner folks

Its a nice little review of Web 2.0 and a heads-up to your CIO types that its on its way to Enterprise-Town. 

Some of the best points that they make:

  • the difference between Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 will be SLA’s.
  • the technologies adopted fastest in the Enterprise will be technological (like AJAX) but will have the smallest impact on business.  The slowest features adopted will be social aspects (decentralization, user defined metadata) and these will be disruptive to your business model.
  • adoption will be consumer driven: let your people experiment with consumer technologies (encourage mavericks)
  • adoption will have a big social component: you have to lead by example: BLOG TO YOUR STAFF!
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Performancing = Canary in Web 2.0 coalmine?

Here’s a Chicken Little analysis that notes that Performancing is probably not the first or last to go…but the beginning of Tech Bubble 2.0...

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Just like that: Performancing goes bellyup

They distribute my favorite blogging Firefox plugin.
I hope they open source it on their way out the door….

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Google Maps – an SR71 Blackbird

Sitting on the deck of an aircraft carrier, docked.
Didn’t know they could land those things on a

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Blogs come to Lotus Notes

It looks like social networking, blogs, wikkis, and the whole Enterprise 2.0 family are coming to Lotus Notes…re-launched as Lotus Connections

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