Enterprise 2.0 and the Federal Goverentment

This article tells the story of how some federal agencies are handling

Web 2.0 for feds

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An article from the papa of Enterprise 2.0

Andrew McAfee

Three trends that underly Enterprise 2.0 – almost a year old and still interesting.

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Enterprise 2.0 time sheet

Looks promising…but what would the DCAA think>?


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LaTeX on WordPress.com

Zowie!  Killer blog app for aging astronomers!
Only on their hosted site, for now.

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Niagara 2 processor specs

Sounds sweet.

Sun’s Niagara2

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Software businesses: RIP

Ray Lane: The Software Business is Dead Man Walking

Former president of Oracle says the software business is all but over.  Its about to be eaten alive by Open Source, SaaS and outsourcing development to China and India.  The upshot?  Customers are no longer locked in to software vendors. 

A interesting side note is that 75% of profits from the last dregs of the software industry are earned by Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP.  The last to have truly successful locks on their customers.  

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Even better than Google Reader?

Yahoo has launched Pipes, an RSS feed remixer.

I use Google Reader for this, but the ability to filter and edit feeds there is limited.  I’m going to try this and see if it works any better.

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Tagging in the Enterprise

Industrial strength social software that adds workflows, security settings,  rules and permissions to the delicious free for all.

Connectbeam — social bookmarking and tagging for the enterprise

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