People are talking, part deux

I love to scrounge through science blogs 🙂

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MS Office Universal binary on horizon

Called Office 2008 for Mac, scheduled for 2H 2008.  It is in private beta at MS now.

Microsoft starts testing Office 2008 for Mac | Tech News on ZDNet

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People are talking

This clever group issues a warning to its corporate customers that its employees (particularly the young ones) may be using Web 2.0 to talk about work.  

Web 2.0 security warning for business

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More hints that ZFS is coming to OS X

This time, an OpenSolaris bug report that mentions spotlight…

ZFS and OS X, growing closer all the time

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Identity 2.0 and the Job Search

Basically, employers use the Baby Bear Rule when Googling a potential employee: too many photos with a beer glass in your hand is only a little worse than no web presence at all.

Get a blog.  Polish your Google/Yahoo/MSN profile. Tag some stuff.  Get on LinkedIn.  Appear suave and erudite by uplinking good content.  Try a little SEO.

Web Worker Daily » Blog Archive Why You May Need an Online Persona «

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Joost on Apple TV?

Not the sort of service Apple would want to cede to another player, so this is a very interesting development.

Joost successfully run on Apple TV :

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Agile Planning article

In particular, an interesting plug of Agile Estimating and Planning by Mike Cohn.

Software is never done… Or is it?

This is a cautionary tale about how Agile planning can work wonders on projects where you’re required to herd cats.   But that this requires you to be able to slip deadlines or scope (they’re cats, after all). 

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Taking Apple TV out for a spin

The challenge of booting Apple TV’s OS from a flash drive or on a MackBook must have been enticing indeed.

Apple TV OS running on MacBook and booting from USB drive

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The arguments against Enterprise 2.0

I saw this and noticed how it really ticked off the list of familiar arguments used against adoption of Web 2.0 technology in the Enterprise. 
Web 2.0 Apps: A Pandora’s Box of Risk

Here is a good quote:

Then there’s patching. Microsoft issues patches once a month, and administrators test each before deployment. With services such as Google Apps, updates and patches happen automatically and without warning. If online applications become the primary tools for workflows and collaboration, as Microsoft Office is in many businesses, it’s possible that things could break.

In other words: “Better the devil you know than the one you don’t.”
Here we are encouraged to believe that its better to live at perpetual risk of virus attacks and buggy implementation of patches than to take a chance Google might do a better job than the local IT staff (or Microsoft) would.

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Open Source IT monitoring and management

As seen on SlashDot: A Python/Zope-based open source IT management solution. A quick look reveals inventory, auto-discovery, performance monitoring, events, alerts, device profiling, and reporting.

All for $free. Does Mac, Windows (with some coxing) and Linux.

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