A little reflection on simplest Enterprise 2.0

Here is a little reflection article on the humorous Crib sheet for the easiest Enterprise 2.0 adoption. 

Encouraging Enterprise 2.0

Perceptive comments like this should strike a chord in your out-of-the-box soul:

To reinforce that this isn’t mere speculation, … I cited an instance of one large firm I worked with discovering that
isolated wikis had begun to proliferate like crabgrass internally, with
no impetus from from IT at all.  I could relate a half dozen more
anecdotes of the same kind:  A worker that needed a wiki to collaborate
on a project on-the-fly and couldn’t wait for IT to provide it and used
his own credit card to get access to one on the Web.  Or a department
within a large Fortune 500 firm installs a solitary wiki server on a
developer workstation and the rest of the company’s departments jump on
board and start adding to it, almost displacing the existing ECM system.

Though these are just two anecdotes and not rigorous case studies, I
find that most people I speak with have started noticing the same
thing; a marked consumerization of the enterprise that is resulting in
employees using their Internet skills and the latest low-barrier Web
tools and — as Prof. Andrew McAfee says — voting with their feet to use them at work.

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