Heim-Dröscher Spaces

Here is a little New Scientist article that summarizes the quirky physics of Hyperspace Drives

and the Sandia physicists that want to test it.

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New BPM SaaS: Skemma

Skemma – BPM On Demand: 100% web Business Process Management software (BPM Software) and Workflow software

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CA integrates Wily with Help Desk

Here’s a little article updating you on what CA is up to at the CA World User conference.  Wily Introscope was integrated Unicenter Metrics and Helpdesk software.  Does this look better than Remedy?

CA Hopes to Deliver on Integration Promise

The service desk software can then automatically open a troubleticket that shows the basic problem and the application involved. A help desk operator can click on a link in the troubleticket, get more information and connect to IntroScope to determine where the problem lies. The application team can then use IntroScope to perform root cause diagnostics and see if the problem is a database problem.

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Enterprise wants it, but IT can’t deliver

The Register has an article on the recent Study by the EIU.

In spite of this desire to cash in, many businesses cited a lack of understanding of the technology as a barrier to using it. Over a quarter of respondents said their IT departments lacked the competence level to implement Web 2.0 applications effectively.

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7 habits of highly effective tech leaders

Content Log: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Technology Leaders

  1.  Focus on business models and processes before they focus on technology infrastructure or applications
  2.  Track technology that matters by focusing on the distinction between operation and strategic technology and the chasm between technology concepts, prototypes, and bona fide technology clusters
  3.  Identify and prioritize business pain – and approaches to pain relief – as they move toward the create of business pleasure
  4.  Optimize the value of shared services in centralized and decentralized companies, organize around the distinction between operation and strategic technology, and champion governance above and below the operational and strategic line
  5.  Manage computing and communications and infrastructure professionally and const-effectively through negotiated service-level agreements (SLAs) and measurement best practices
  6.  Communicate often and predictably, communicate good news and bad news in business terms, and provide transparent insight into technology initiatives through tools like dashboards
  7.  Actively market their roles in the company as well as technology’s ongoing contribution to the business through a variety of tools and techniques
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Open Source Sync with GMail

So this GCalDaemon looks pretty good
.  I haven’t tried it yet.  But I will and maybe post a followup

Two-way update and sync between your desktop
and the web is the ultimate golden ticket; it gives you offline access,
local backup and the rich desktop experience while dealing with data
stored in the cloud. With GCalDaemon running, you can view and update
your Google Calendar from any desktop calendar program – even if you’re offline. Additionally, you can access your Gmail contacts list in a desktop email program or address book like Thunderbird or Outlook Express.

Geek to Live: Sync Google Calendar and Gmail contacts to your desktop – Lifehacker

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Web OS again

Here is another WebOS, or Virtual Computer, not unlike Goowy called G.ho.st.

Here’s an article that makes the point that such webtops are too constrictive, aiming to replace the user’s dependency on an ad hoc local assembly of applications to a similar online structure that does not integrate with the rest of the web.

She makes the point that AJAX based start pages are probably more helpful.

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Prius Hacks

Sell your juice back to the electric company on hot summer days or make use of Mr. Sun

New Prius hacks listed at Engadget

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Jotspot getting borged

For a little while, Jotspot was the innovative online wiki service.  Then it was bought by Google.  Now it looks like Google is getting on with the integration.  Here is the very Google-like help page


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HPC research silos going extinct

Get ready for a lot fewer arguments over chip design among scientists who are not electrical engineers.

High-Performance Computing: High-Performance Happy

Traditionally, the high-performance computing systems used to conduct research at universities have amounted to silos of technology scattered across the campus and falling under the purview of the researchers themselves. But a growing number of universities are now taking over the management of those systems and creating central HPC environments

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