7 habits of highly effective tech leaders

Content Log: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Technology Leaders

  1.  Focus on business models and processes before they focus on technology infrastructure or applications
  2.  Track technology that matters by focusing on the distinction between operation and strategic technology and the chasm between technology concepts, prototypes, and bona fide technology clusters
  3.  Identify and prioritize business pain – and approaches to pain relief – as they move toward the create of business pleasure
  4.  Optimize the value of shared services in centralized and decentralized companies, organize around the distinction between operation and strategic technology, and champion governance above and below the operational and strategic line
  5.  Manage computing and communications and infrastructure professionally and const-effectively through negotiated service-level agreements (SLAs) and measurement best practices
  6.  Communicate often and predictably, communicate good news and bad news in business terms, and provide transparent insight into technology initiatives through tools like dashboards
  7.  Actively market their roles in the company as well as technology’s ongoing contribution to the business through a variety of tools and techniques
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