Google can search for faces

Facial expressions…and perhaps ultimately for your mug…

Facial recognition slipped into Google image search

Google upped its stalker factor this week by adding face recognition abilities to its image search. While currently unofficial and unannounced, users can now search for images that only contain faces by appending a query string onto the end of a search URL. For example, a general image search for “Ars Technica” produces a variety of image results, but when appending “&imgtype=face” to the end of the URL, all new results contain photos of people.

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Microsoft’s raises patent hackles at Wine?

Does Microsoft have Wine in its patent sights? –

While the patent cooperation agreement between Microsoft and Novell included a covenant from Microsoft not to sue Novell customers for their use of open source software, it appears the offer does not extend to the Wine and Open-Xchange projects.

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Is Sun too expensive…

…for government work?  Also mentioned are Accenture, HP, Dell, and EDS.

GSA to cast shadow over Sun? | Tech News on ZDNet

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Recent 2.0 acquisition roundup.

Following the rumors of Microsoft buying Yahoo, and the completed acquisitions of YouTube, Flickr and MySpace,

eBay Acquires StumbleUpon: Financial News – Yahoo! Finance

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–eBay Inc. (Nasdaq:EBAY – News) today announced it has acquired StumbleUpon, an early-stage company that helps people discover and share content online, for an aggregate transaction value of approximately $75 million.

MySpace’s parent buys Photobucket

NEW YORK – The parent of MySpace is buying the media-sharing site Photobucket for about $300 million, bringing together two of the Internet’s most popular hangouts. scrobbled for $280m | The Register

Media conglomerate CBS has bought, the London-based social music network, for $280m.

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Create your own Social Network

This service was created by Marc Andreessen.
It provides you with a free social network, blogs,
discussion boards, customized look and feel, api’s.

Ning – Social Network Features

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Forrester recommends RSS to the Enterprise

Well…good…but NewsGator?

Enterprise RSS – 3 Major Vendors Show The Way

In the report, Forrester recommends that companies purchase “an enterprise RSS solution”. Three vendors in particular are mentioned: Attensa, KnowNow, and NewsGator. Each of these vendors has an RSS solution that runs behind the firewall.

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IBM and Sun developing Virtual Workplace

Well, if you have a home life and a Second Life how can work get a fair shake?  How can you strike a balance?  It seems that Sun and IBM feel that a second worklife is the answer.  While this 3D Office Space is supposed to provide workers a compelling interface for such web 2.0 goodies as wikis and document collaboration, it probably won’t be as easy to generate employee interest without a second paycheck.

Virtual World Intranets… Seriously

The idea is to bring remote workers in Sun’s worldwide offices together into a single embodied space, “where the spacial layout of the 3D world coupled with the immersive audio provides strong cognitive cues that enhance collaboration.”

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LTO4 drives for sale

The next generation  drives offer optimum throughput in backup/restore operations with a native capacity of 800 gigabytes per tape with typical compression techniques yielding 1.6 terabytes per cartridge. The data transfer rate is 120 megabytes per second without compression, and 240 megabytes per second with compression enabled.

The expanded capability of the variable data rate feature in the new drives eases the impact of such high speeds on current systems. LTO 4 drives will continue to stream down to 30 megabytes per second, the same rate that LTO 3 achieved. This makes it feasible to upgrade more legacy installations without incurring the problems caused by low data rates. LTO 4 is backward read and write compatible with LTO 3, and is read compatible with LTO 2 but does not read LTO 1.

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Oracle Borgs Agile

It also got SQR owner Hyperion recently…

Oracle to buy Agile for $495 million

The Agile deal is only the latest in a long string of software acquisitions Oracle has made in the past few years. The company has bought large vendors, such as PeopleSoft, Siebel Systems and JD Edwards,

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Sun Microsystems interested in OpenID

Sun has always been into identity software standards.  It looks like the Identity 2.0 crowd has caught their eye.

 Sun Supports OpenID: Steps Towards Enterprise?

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