More iPhone rumors

So yesterday we saw a compilation of reviews that indicated the only problem with the iPhone was the slow network speed that AT&T stuck Apple with.  I believe the reviewers referred to it as “pokey”.

Today, release day, rumors are flying that the EDGE network is getting a 5x speed bump  by AT&T.

Coincidence?  Certainly not. 

True?  We shall see.

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LinkedIn acquisition?

Speculation and rumor about how LinkedIn will face down Facebook…

The FASTForward Blog » Is LinkedIn About to Be Sold?: Enterprise 2.0 News, Coverage, and Commentary

More significantly, some Wall Street types I know and generally trust tell me that there are discussions going on between LinkedIn and one of the oldest and most respected family-run business publishers. (Okay, I’ll make it easy for you, McGraw-Hill.)

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How rich will iPhone make Apple?

Th iTunes music store is the third largest in music sales in the U.S. with 10% of the market.  The worldwide market for ringtones is $2.5 billion.  This is about the same size as the worldwide digital music market.

All rough, order-of-magnitude numbers.  Just back of the envelope.  Now we see this rumor…

Mac Rumors: iTunes 7.3 with Custom Ringtones? [Updated]

Reportedly, the new version of iTunes will allow you to convert any song that is available on iTunes into a ringtone with the “Make into Ringtone” feature. The cost for this service is $.99.

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Apple hands out Leopard ZFS to developers

In the last round of Steve says/Jonathan Says ZFS was “in” but it was Read Only cripple ware?  Now it seems that ZFS has overcome that limitation.

Mac Rumors: ZFS Read/Write Developer Beta for Leopard

Now, according to published reports on the internet, Apple has actually seeded developers with a ZFS Read/Write Beta for Leopard. The new ZFS Read/Write beta enables full read/write capabilities to Apple’s Mac OS X (Leopard).

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Class warfare 2.0?

Well, this little article is getting some traction.  Its not an academic paper, but it asserts that “field observations” are pointing to a class stratification between MySpace and Facebook.

Its probably a combination of factors.  A selection effect due to Facebook and MySpace initial demographics (college vs high school, respectively) and a very curious effect suggested in one or two of the comments that what we are really seeing is a maturity stratification: MySpace allows for aliasing and multiple persona’s while Facebook makes that harder (and LinkedIn even harder).  So younger folks tend to use MySpace to try on different personalities, while college students are happy to develop a single career-based persona (and LinkedIn is serious-as-death get-an-interview professional).

Viewing American class divisions through Facebook and MySpace

What I lay out in this essay is rather disconcerting. Hegemonic American teens (i.e. middle/upper class, college bound teens from upwards mobile or well off families) are all on or switching to Facebook. Marginalized teens, teens from poorer or less educated backgrounds, subculturally-identified teens, and other non-hegemonic teens continue to be drawn to MySpace. A class division has emerged and it is playing out in the aesthetics, the kinds of advertising, and the policy decisions being made.

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Plaxo goes SNS?

The Scotsman approved of the simple and effective way Plaxo offered to sync all your address books (how did Google miss that?)  But this business of opening up their database to network building is a real left-turn into Orkut-land.

Update to make Plaxo ‘Switzerland of personal information’? | Tech News on ZDNet

Plaxo, which makes software for PC users to keep address books up-to-date, said on Sunday that it is helping millions of members open up their online date books to build social networks like or Facebook.

There is a good hands-on review of the new features at webworkerdaily.

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Google and GrandCentral?

Google To Acquire GrandCentral

If you use GrandCentral you can give out a single phone number. What happens when that person calls that number depends on his/her relationship to you, and what you are doing at the time.

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Hey, you. Get off of my Cloud.

Who owns the stuff you store in the cloud?  Who can legally get their hands on it and how?  This article very clearly lays out some of the ways that laws originally used to define the ownership of a cow are being applied to information.

Don’t Be Evil

Whenever records or other evidence is housed with a third party, you have not only increased the likelihood of data access, you have created a new entity with physical or logical possession of your records. Who “owns” your records? Who has a right to access them? Who has “possession” of them? Who has “control” over them? Who must produce them if there is a subpoena, search warrant or other court order?

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Facebook challenging LinkedIn

Will LinkedIn open their platform to developers?  They may have to if your people begin to their business contacts mostly via Facebook.

LinkedIn Opening Platform – The Unofficial Facebook Blog

Since Facebook opened their platform almost a month ago, I have been receiving the majority of my professional contact requests through Facebook and not LinkedIn. I have read others around the blogosphere that are experiencing the same phenomenon. As this occurs, LinkedIn is going to have to take some sort of action that keeps them in the game.

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Consensus at Enterprise 2.0 conference

IT Clueless

Nice summary here, too.

Younger workers demanding Web 2.0 tech on the job – Internet –

Younger employees – like that new batch of university graduates hitting the market right now – are going to be pushing employers to use Web 2.0 technologies on the job. And if their companies don’t start adopting them, younger workers will most likely just start using them on the sly.

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