Class warfare 2.0?

Well, this little article is getting some traction.  Its not an academic paper, but it asserts that “field observations” are pointing to a class stratification between MySpace and Facebook.

Its probably a combination of factors.  A selection effect due to Facebook and MySpace initial demographics (college vs high school, respectively) and a very curious effect suggested in one or two of the comments that what we are really seeing is a maturity stratification: MySpace allows for aliasing and multiple persona’s while Facebook makes that harder (and LinkedIn even harder).  So younger folks tend to use MySpace to try on different personalities, while college students are happy to develop a single career-based persona (and LinkedIn is serious-as-death get-an-interview professional).

Viewing American class divisions through Facebook and MySpace

What I lay out in this essay is rather disconcerting. Hegemonic American teens (i.e. middle/upper class, college bound teens from upwards mobile or well off families) are all on or switching to Facebook. Marginalized teens, teens from poorer or less educated backgrounds, subculturally-identified teens, and other non-hegemonic teens continue to be drawn to MySpace. A class division has emerged and it is playing out in the aesthetics, the kinds of advertising, and the policy decisions being made.

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