Coming up: Sun (finally) back into Big Iron

So if you were wondering, yeah, we could really do some damage with this platform.  But if Sun prices it significantly above a comparable stack of Penryn chips running Linux then it really doesn’t matter how innovative they are.  They’re out of reach for the little guy.

Sun’s Niagara 2 Processor Is Multicore Computing On Steroids – Wolfe’s Den Blog – InformationWeek

Still, this Niagara 2 device is a killer piece of silicon, delivering double the throughput of its predecessor. Here’s a quick chip scorecard:

  • 8 Sparc cores;
  • 4-MB L2 cache;
  • Integrated floating-point units into each core pipeline
  • Double the performance per watt of the predecessor Niagara 1;
  • Order of magnitude improvement in floating-point performance;
  • Two on-chip 10G Ethernet ports:
  • Eight cryptographic units, to support running both Ethernet ports encrypted
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  1. […] this is going to be a shot in the arm to both Java and Niagra based enterprise web farms, which have been losing ground to LAMP and Ruby on Rails. This deal has […]

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