Web Startups and Civilization

Well, this story is certainly Visionary (with a capital “V”).  The author infers from current trends in the ease of starting and being successful your own web company that this form of self employment will become an irresistible pull on civilized populations long past being weary of working for the man. 

The results will be a changes to civilization as staggering as the ones brought about by the loom, the printing press, and agriculture.

Coincidentally, last night I was thinking of starting a company.  Better go and reserve that domain name now.  I won’t be getting one that contains “geek” or “nerd” or something…obviously.

The Future of Web Startups

We now think of it as normal to have a job at a company, but this is the the thinnest of historical veneers. Just two or three lifetimes ago, most people in what are now called industrialized countries lived by farming. So while it may seem surprising to propose that large numbers of people will change the way they make a living, it would be more surprising if they didn’t.

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