Google, Apple, and Cell Phones

A thought provoking article about how Jaiku might play into Google’s plan for mobile devices and networks…and how Apple fits into the picture.

Theories about Google’s acquisition of Jaiku | FactoryCity

If you think far enough into the future, and realize that the iPhone is essentially the Sputnik of next generation of computing and telephony, you’ll realize how important the development of presence technology will be in light of the 2.0 Address Book. Sure, the VoIP folks have known about this stuff forever, and CISCO even has a few decent products built on it, but I’m not talking about IP-routed phone calls. I’m talking about IP-routed people. Believe it or not, this is where things have to go in order for Google and Apple to continue their relentless drive towards ease-of-use and clarity of design.

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