Google’s Bluffing

Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free? 

A fair point.  If Google can get Verizon to buy the 700MHz band, and still have open access to it…..

But what if Verizon pulls strings and seals up the 700MHz spectrum, leaving Google without a mobile Ace up its sleeve?
Don’t they have to bid?

Apparently not.  According to GaGaGoogle … there is always Sprint and WiMax….

Is this a cunning plan B…or was it plan A all along?

On Google’s Mobile Strategy

We believe Google has no intention of bidding on the spectrum, owning the spectrum, or running a wireless network. It’s not their core business. Google is sitting at the spectrum card table, holding their cards tight, and bluffing— with a straight face. They are trying to loosen the hold wireless carriers have on us, the end users.

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  1. Excellent post sir. Good thoughts. I am a newbee to the blogosphere.
    I wrote an article on Google some days back. I posted it today..
    Please heck it out and tell me the comments…

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  3. […] from a previous post, I think we can see why this part of the wireless strategy was plan B all along […]

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