And you wanted them to learn to write?

How duller than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a blogless child.

Parent Trap | Today’s TMJ4 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Aftab says many teens still don’t get it, that their posts on networking and blogging sites aren’t private.

“I always warn kids never to post anything that parents, principal, predators can’t see. Now, I have to warn them not to post anything that their parents’ boss or anybody in their neighborhood shouldn’t be seeing either,” Attab said.

Sgt. Corey MacDonald agrees. He tours the country speaking about internet safety, and says police and employers are watching. They look for, and find, all kinds of dirt.

“Whether we’re talking about dad’s work secrets or problems between mom and dad with their relationship,” Sgt. MacDonald said.

We asked him to show us just how easy it is to find incriminating posts. It didn’t take long.

“Not only do I have to live with my nagging mom, my dad does drugs. This person, Tara, says her parents are lazy alcoholics,” reads Sgt. MacDonald.

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  1. There has come winter 😦
    It became cold and cloudy!
    Mood very bad 😦
    Depression Begins

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