A cautionary tale for CIOs

This is wicked good advice. 

Don’t Take a CHUMP Job

Job descriptions for CIOs vary widely. Some companies recognize that day-to-day IT activities often make it difficult to undertake long-term planning. They create a corporate CIO position for someone whose sole purpose will be to develop and communicate long-term IT vision and strategy. These CIOs have no operational responsibilities

(or resources) or infrastructure or applications to deliver. They are given a small staff, a small budget and many dotted-line reporting relationships with divisional information officers (DIO), who manage operational activities in the business units.

Beware! This job is usually designed for failure. It is normally filled by a CHUMP (a CIO hired for undoable management and planning) who is fired and replaced within a few years. Here are some of the reasons why this happens:

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Clever Browser-based Apps

Here are a couple of sites where the design of the bowser based interaction with the application makes the site far more interesting than it ought to be, given the functionality.

The Human Brain Cloud lets you play and review the results of a word association game.

Songza lets you search for and play songs.

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Blogger supporting OpenID

Blogger Beta Ships OpenID

Google announced tonight that the new Blogger (nicknamed ‘Blogger in Draft’) will support OpenID-based commenting. Essentially it means that users of OpenID-enabled services – such as LiveJournal, WordPress and TypeKey – can comment on any Blogger blog using their accounts from those sites, rather than with Blogger/Google accounts.

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Good Review of Sematic Apps

10 Semantic Apps to Watch

The purpose of this post is to highlight 10 Semantic Apps. We’re not touting this as a ‘Top 10’, because there is no way to rank these apps at this point – many are still non-public apps, e.g. in private beta. It reflects the nascent status of this sector, even though people like Hillis and Spivack have been working on their apps for years now.

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Google’s Maps for Mobile and Jaiku

A couple of articles separated by about a week that place Google’s acquisition of Jaiku into perspective.

Google unveils GPS-less handset locator technology – Engadget

if your mobile is among the 85-percent (or so) out there lacking an integrated GPS module, listen up. The search giant has revealed new software (dubbed My Location) that enables non-GPS-equipped phones to be pinpointed within three miles of their actual location.

Jaiku, Android and Google’s Mobile Ads

“Google + Jaiku is not a million miles away from being able to push appropriate advertising to individuals based on their profile, their location and their availability. Imagine walking down the high street and having your mobile phone pop up with a Google notification telling you that Heroes DVD box sets were 20% off at HMV today, or that a new Indian restaurant had just opened in that part of town.

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LinkedIn, MySpace, Wall Street Journal and Fox News

The answer, of course, is News Corp.  Or maybe Rupert Murdoch.  This deal would put LinkedIn into the same position with MySpace as the Wall Street Journal finds itself in with Fox News.

VentureBeat » Source: Yes, LinkedIn and News Corp. are working on a deal

A rumor surfaced last week, in Techcrunch UK, that News Corp. is looking at buying business networking site LinkedIn.

A well-placed source has confirmed with us that these talks are serious. LinkedIn has declined to comment.

News Corp.’s strategy, from what we understand: Somehow integrate LinkedIn’s network with the Wall Street Journal as well as its other newspapers around the world, hopefully figuring out how to recoup News Corp.’s newspapers’ declining classified ad revenue in the process.

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Verizon Caves.

Verizon utterly caves.  Does Google still have to buy the 700 MHz spectrum to keep Verizon honest? 

Verizon opens up, will support any device, any app on its network

“If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em,” appears to be Verizon Wireless’ new motto as it today announced an impressive “open access” plan for its network that will go into effect next year. Any application can run on any device from any developer and will have full access to Verizon spectrum, so long as it can properly connect to the network. Google, can you hear us now?

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How to set Web 2.0 Policy?

This is an interesting statistic, and the title jumps to the obvious conclusion you might draw from it:

IT and HR should join forces to set Web 2.0 policy – Computer Business Review

Less than half (44%) of the HR decision-makers in a survey published this week by security firm Clearswift are working with IT to develop policies on access to social networking sites.

But I rather think of this instead:


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Speculation: Google eyeing Skype?

The quickest way to plug Android into Ma Bell?  Maybe.

Rumoursville: Google sniffing round Skype | PDA: The Digital Content Blog | Guardian Unlimited

This makes sense on a number of levels, particularly because it fits with Google’s ambitions for disrupting the mobile industry through its new open mobile phone development platform Android, and for eBay – which was recently forced to admit that it had paid too much for Skype.

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Benchmarking AMD Spider

It looks like Phenom is no match for Intel’s Yorkfield, and it barely keeps pace with Kentsfield, with which it is competitively priced.  The saving grace is that AMD will release an unlocked version for the same price that can be overclocked to 3GHz.

[H] Enthusiast – AMD Phenom & Spider vs Intel QX9770

Here we see our Phenom 9600 keep up with a Q6600, but our Phenom at 3GHz gets trounced by the yet-to-be released Yorkfield QX9770.

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