LinkedIn on the move

New features including an API and a re-designed home page are in Beta.  So I wonder if this is connected to the delay in the release of OpenSocial until next year?  LinkedIn, like most of the the other OpenSocial partners is keenly aware of the moves that Facebook is making on their turf, and LinkedIn is poised for explosive overseas growth…provided they can get there before Facebook.

Tech Beat LinkedIn Makes Its Move – BusinessWeek

As for those rumors about News Corp. buying LinkedIn? Nye wouldn’t comment directly, but notes, “It’s all working well now. Why would we sell?” (LinkedIn is projecting it will have $75 million to $100 million in revenues next year.) That said, LinkedIn is clearly prickly about the competition from Facebook. And there are only so many social networks, personal or professional, that people will embrace with any kind of regularity. So the acceptance of these latest initiatives may well determine if LinkedIn is one of those chosen few.

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