Is Java obsolete?

This is tagged over at Infoworld as one of the under-reported stories of 2007.  The quote below pretty much sums it all up, but in a couple words: in a corporate culture where everyone is expected to do more with less, a language that requires thought to produce innovative solutions is a business liability … or at best, a niche language where innovation is still important.

Is this an under-reported story … or just so obvious its not worth putting into print?  The thought-provoking part of the article is a survey result that points to .Net edging out Java in that niche.  Its lucky for Java progammers, that  C# is similar.  On the other hand, if you want to squeeze out shopping cart sites,  you’d better learn Ruby.

Java is becoming the new Cobol | InfoWorld | Analysis | 2007-12-28 | By Bill Snyder

Java, the oldest new programming language around, is falling out of favor with developers. When it comes to developing the
increasingly common rich Internet applications, Java is losing ground to Ruby on Rails, PHP, AJAX and other cool new languages. And there are even reports that Microsoft’s .Net, of all things, is pushing Java
out of the enterprise.

One bit of good news: developers and analysts agree that Java is alive and well for internally developed enterprise apps. “On the back end, there is still a substantial amount of infrastructure available that makes Java a very strong contender,” says Zephyr’s Shah.

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