Plaxo on the block.

How will you sync your Google contacts now?

Social Net Site Is Said to Be for Sale – New York Times

Plaxo, an early social networking site that helps people keep their address books updated, is up for auction, people briefed on the offering said Wednesday night. The company, which has not made a profit, is seeking as much as $100 million, these people said.

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  1. Its interesting that Scoble was shut out of Facebook using the new flagship Plaxo product, Pulse, at about the same time. 

    What I was using to hit Facebook — unreleased Plaxo Pulse « Scobleizer — Tech geek blogger

    OK, so I’ve been released from my NDA. I was alpha testing an upcoming feature of Plaxo Pulse — this feature has not yet been released and now that my account has gotten shut down it’s not clear whether it will be released. It is a Facebook importer that works just like any other address book importer.

  2. […] ago, where he ran Google Checkout, to join Facebook. Also joining the workgroup is Joseph Smarr of Plaxo, probably the catalyst for all of this after his company scraped Robert Scoble’s Faceboo… and set off a huge debate about Data Portability and privacy. Published […]

  3. Now a rumor has surfaced that Google will buy Plaxo.

    Rumor: Plaxo Sold to Google for $200M? | Epicenter from

    We’re hearing rumors that online contact management service Plaxo has accepted a sub-$200 million offer and that the purchasing company is most likely search engine Google.

  4. […] buys Plaxo Yessir. We knew Plaxo was looking for a buyer. Comcast comes as a bit of a surprise, though. Plaxo says that your Google contacts will continue […]

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