Wireless Auction: Monkey Business?

Over at the Reg, they’re asking some fun questions.  Will there be a coast-to-coast open 700 MHz wireless network?  Or will someone have to foot a bill for integrating coverage over a patchwork of regions and frequencies to access it?  Verizon may be trying to become the integration provider to would-be open access users.

Is Verizon gaming Google in US wireless auction? | The Register

On Thursday, in round 17 of the auction, someone bid $4.7bn for the whole package. But yesterday, in rounds 27 through 30, someone started bidding large for the regional licenses. Eventually, the sum of the regional bids topped the bid for the whole package. If the auction ended today, the regionals bids would take the cake.

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Rock Delayed till 09

Sun aims for ’09 with Rock boxes | The Register

The processor has 16 cores, can tap immense amounts of memory and employs a number of aggressive pre-fetching and out of order software/hardware techniques.

Had Sun shipped Rock on time, it would have matched up well against Intel, which plans to release a revamped version of Itanium at the end of this year. Now Sun looks to end up about a year behind Intel-based vendors with much improved silicon and a year ahead (or less) of IBM’s Power7 release.

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Zimbra done it?

Here is a reminder that Yahoo just acquired Zimbra, and was planning to use it to joust with both Google and Microsoft’s email services. 

Yahoo’s Zimbra: Threat Or Bait To Microsoft? — Yahoo — InformationWeek

The online/offline characteristics of ZCS 5.0 might mean that Microsoft would need Zimbra to compete with a growing slate of Google online applications. Google apps are getting more powerful, and “as a defense against this position, Microsoft needs to accelerate its own move into online services.”

And this still points to a move on the part of Microsoft to protect its turf in the Enterprise.

Yahoo’s Zimbra Releases v5.0 with BlackBerry Support, New Ajax Features

Zimbra, an open-source alternative to Microsoft Exchange Server that was acquired by Yahoo this past September, has released version 5.0 of its collaboration suite. The upgrades are various and wide-reaching, with support finally here for the BlackBerry and several improvements made to Zimbra’s browser-based email client.

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Replacing Flash Memory

Technology Review: A Memory Breakthrough

Phase-change memory has made a lot of progress in the past few years, Wong adds. “A few years ago it looked promising,” he says. “But now it’s going to happen. There’s no doubt about it.”

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AOL grabs Goowy

The Scotsman has had a Goowy account for years (a long time in Web 2.0 land).  I always found it one of the better webtops.

Now I have an AOL account?  Thanks a bunch.

Amid Yahoo Turmoil, AOL Makes An Acquisition

AOL SVP of Social Media, Messaging and Homepages David Liu said this was a deal they’ve been considering for the last nine months, and that they plan to integrate Goowy’s technology into both user-facing AOL products (to widgetize them) as well as their Platform A advertising network. Expect Platform A to launch significant new advertising products in the widget space soon, Liu says.

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