Hack your Apple Remote

I don’t have an Apple remote.  But if I did …

Gmail: Check Gmail from the Couch with Your Apple Remote

Mac only: Gmail user Vic Shih has released a set of actions for controlling Gmail via remote control. Apple remote control fans may remember our previous post on freeware iRed Lite, which lets you assign actions to the various remote buttons. Vic has done just that, and offered the files for download. Setting this up is a little tricky for iRed Lite newbs, so let me walk you through it.

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IT Security: Six Sigma Style

The author makes the case that IT security staff should spend less time obsessively chasing and patching vulnerabilities.  Determine what moves will provide better security for your environment for the least effort. 

Antivirus Inventor: Security Departments Are Wasting Their Time – Desktop Security News Analysis – Dark Reading

For example, today’s security industry focuses way too much time on vulnerability research, testing, and patching, Tippett suggested. “Only 3 percent of the vulnerabilities that are discovered are ever exploited,” he said. “Yet there is huge amount of attention given to vulnerability disclosure, patch management, and so forth.”

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Google Spreadsheets back Surveys

So this is great.  Publish your spreadsheet as a survey.  Capture the data, then republish the real-time results using the Spreadsheet’s feed as maybe a graph

Google Spreadsheet Surveys

Google Spreadsheets can now be officially kidnapped to hold survey data. Just click on the Share tab and pick the new “to fill out a form” option*.

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Google Team Edition

Thank you Google.  Just what the doctor ordered.  The first team building exercise I’m going to love.

Google Apps Team Edition Released

But now it’s easier for groups within established organizations (businesses, universities, etc.) to collaborate using Google Apps without getting their entire organization to buy into Google Apps (quite literally) first.

This edition should be useful for Google in recruiting members of
organizations who will in turn exert pressure on those organizations to
adopt a premium version of Google Apps.

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