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A study of how HR enacts, monitors and enforces employee web use policy.  Usually by relying on IT employees … if they are authorized to do anything at all.

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“The question that is sparked by these results is, ‘Should IT managers be developing policies and enforcing them, making decisions on what they see as a breach of employee Internet usage policy?’suggested Millard. “In cases where a breach is less obvious, can IT even recognize what HR would see as a violation? The survey results make it clear that the HR and IT need to be working closely to develop and enforce Internet usage policies, and IT need to educate the HR and the business as to the benefits and risks of new technologies. In 60 percent of the companies, both IT and HR develop the usage policies, yet only 19 percent of HR departments are involved in monitoring employee usage.”

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Sun picks up VirtualBox

Sun buys Innotek for open source PC virtualization – Computer Business Review

Sun said Innotek’s VirtualBox open source virtualization software will extend its xVM platform onto the desktop and strengthen its position in the virtualization market. It said that as part of the xVM platform, VirtualBox will have the support of Sun’s global development community, field resources, and partners.

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MySQL File System Trick

This seems like it could come in handy. 

Linux.com :: Using MySQL as a filesystem

With MySQLfs you can store a filesystem inside a MySQL relational database. MySQLfs breaks up the byte content of files that you store in its filesystem into tuples in the database, which allows you to store large files in the filesystem without requiring the database to support extremely large BLOB fields. With MySQLfs you can throw a filesystem into a MySQL database and take advantage of whatever database backup, clustering, and replication setup you have to protect your MySQLfs filesystem.

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