A workable soultion to Copyright?

This is an interesting proposal to solve copyright problems.  Its seems innovative and workable, at least until you start to think about all the local, state, federal, and international bodies that might be called upon to protect copyrighted property from theft and therefore expect a piece of the revenue in return.  Still … very clever.

Copyright this – Los Angeles Times

A solution to determining which works are in the “Mickey Mouse” category of copyrights and which are in the more socially valuable “oral rehydration therapy” class of work is not feasible for a government bureaucracy. However, if all copyrights were taxed at a fixed (but significant) amount per year to maintain the copyright (all registered through the copyright office and searchable), there would be a significant carrying cost and most of the copyrighted material would revert to “public domain” and become available to “promote the progress of science and useful arts.” As intellectual property and copyrights become an even more significant part of our economy, and as copyright holders (not necessarily the creators) make claims of “stealing” as though it is real property, it should be taxed.

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Better than Google Sky?

It certainly looked like Astronomy would be a pretty good application for Photosynth.  This World Wide Telescope, unlike Google Sky, apparently only runs on Windows … not under Mac OS X or Linux. 

Microsoft poised to unveil WorldWide Telescope? | Channel Register

Redmond has apparently tapped the might of the Hubble telescope “as well as 10 or so Earth bound telescopes” to compile its multiple terabit view of the heavens, which will be driven by the company’s Photosynth technology.

TechCrunch has heard WorldWide Telescope is “significantly better” than Google Sky, offering a user interface which is “seamless as you move around the sky and zoom in and out”.

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