Hello. I’m a Mac …

Yet another survey that tries to quantify the difference between Mac and PC owners. Shelley does a good job of summarizing over at the science blogs.

Of Two Minds : Are Mac Owners More Pretentious?

Mindset surveyed 7500 Mac and PC-owners and found that Mac users were more self-important, intellectually curious, and felt themselves to be extraordinary and superior. Mac users are more likely to …

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Adobe goes for Picasa

Adobe opens Photoshop for freetards | The Register

The launch of Express takes Adobe into competition with Google, which offers a limited photo editing tool called Picasa. It’s Adobe’s second online venture, following the release of the online video editing and mash-up tool Adobe Premiere Express last year.

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Micosoft has secret plans to topple Google

What a shocker: Microsoft is apparently taking the threat that Google poses to its Office software seriously. But the most interesting tidbit of this story is the assertion that once it is ready (maybe in time for Vista’s service pack 2?) Project Albany can be purchased at Best Buy.

Well, now. Let me see. Do I pay to switch over to a new Microsoft product, or keep using Google Docs for free. I dunno.

Update: Microsoft prepares ‘Albany’ to compete with Google Docs | IDGNS | News | March 26, 2008 | By Elizabeth Montalbano, IDG News Service

Facing pressure from hosted productivity suites like Google Docs and Google Apps, Microsoft is planning a new package of low-end productivity software and hosted services through a secretive project code-named Albany.

Project Albany puts together a combination of Office, Office Live Workspaces, Windows Live OneCare and the Windows Live suite of services in one package that eventually is expected to be available in retail outlets such as Best Buy, sources familiar with the company’s plans said Wednesday.

The sources, who asked not to be named, said Microsoft is asking select testers to try out the Project Albany beta but is requiring them to sign a non-disclosure agreement just to participate in the test. The main focus of the initial beta is to test the unified installer for the package, they said.

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Another tool to sync Google and Exchange

Yes, its a link to a Scoble article … but it points out a potentially interesting third party app that may have some advantages to the Outlook/Google sync tool that Google provided, in that it syncs new entries right away, instead of on an absolute timer.

Google’s five-year plan to hit Enterprise continues (Cemaphore helps Google out) « Scobleizer — Tech geek blogger

Today we are seeing new signs of life in Google’s strategy and the help didn’t come from within Google itself.

It comes from a small company named Cemaphore. They just announced “MailShadow for Google Apps.”

What does it do? It synchronizes email and calendar items between Microsoft Outlook and Exchange and Gmail/Google Calendar.

Sounds really boring, right? Hey, didn’t Google just ship its own synchronizer?

Yes, and yes.

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Gartner says OK to iPhone

Its more of an amber light rather than a green light, but Gartner has reversed its position on suitability of the iPhone for Enterprise use.

IPhone improvements OK, but not a sure thing

And the iPhone is sure to remain a consumer-oriented product, one that still includes iTunes, a feature that can’t be removed.

Still, the March 6 announcement that the iPod will support Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync means many of the reasons Gartner previously warned CIOs away from iPhone have been voided.

For instance, a remote wipe feature can now be used if the phone is lost or stolen and the phone can force changing, complex passwords. That’s a significant step forward for a device that previously had no security features to serve most businesses’ needs.

So for the time being, Dulaney and Gartner see the iPhone as safe to use in a limited capacity. Email and personal information manager functions used through Exchange should be safe. And Apple is telling analysts that the upcoming June release will have a comprehensive set of business-oriented email features like the ability to accept appointments.

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Are your data safe with Google?

As it turns out, your data may be safe in the same sort of way that chickens can be safe from foxes, but not necessarily safe from the farmer.

globeandmail.com: Patriot Act haunts Google service

Montreal security strategist Jeffrey Posluns says Google’s software suite may suit some small businesses because cost savings are significant. But he warns that the deciding factor should be the sensitivity of the organization’s information.

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Save the Developers

This “Save the Developers” site urges users to upgrade to something other than the IE6 browser. It has a clever little javascript warning that you can download for your site that bugs your visitors to upgrade their browser for a better surfing experience. Perfect for the Scotsman who refuses to maintain a parallel set of CSS just to support IE6.

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Son of Millipede

IBM has been playing with this technology for awhile, hoping to license the final process. Here’s a company that looks ready to field their own product in a couple years. The trick in this game is to provide a mechanical device that does not wear out with repeated use, and the article indicates (though it doesn’t say how) this company has addressed the problem of worn out tips.

A storage technology that breaks Moore’s Law

Lai said that in principle, Nanochip could develop the ability to move the probe a single atom at a time. The company said its current generation of probes has a radius smaller than 25nm, but it projects that eventually the probes could be shrunk to two or three nanometers apiece. That scale, said Knight will enable development in 10 to 12 years of a memory chip greater than 1TB. For a first generation, anticipated in 2010, Knight says he expects a small number of chips to be in excess of 100GB, but a more realistic number is “tens of gigabytes” per integrated circuit, a capacity comparable to the current generation of flash devices.

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Beer: Publish or Perish

Two beer studies that make you think about your priorities in life.

Newsmax.com – Beer Fights Cancer

Beers that provide the most benefits contain the most hops, and include strong brews such as ale, stout, and porter. In general, the darker the beer, the better. For those who can’t stand beer, herbal supplements made from hops contain the highest concentrations of beneficial elements.

For Scientists, a Beer Test Shows Results as a Litmus Test – New York Times

According to the study, published in February in Oikos, a highly respected scientific journal, the more beer a scientist drinks, the less likely the scientist is to publish a paper or to have a paper cited by another researcher, a measure of a paper’s quality and importance.

The results were not, however, a matter of a few scientists having had too many brews to be able to stumble back to the lab. Publication did not simply drop off among the heaviest drinkers. Instead, scientific performance steadily declined with increasing beer consumption across the board, from scientists who primly sip at two or three beers over a year to the sort who average knocking back more than two a day.

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NASA and iPods

Yeah, NASA allows iPods in space. FSJ points out the irony.

The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs: iPods in space

In fact we’ve been working very closely with NASA for the past few years trying to help them improve their image and seem more hip. Lot of people don’t know that. Much love, NASA. You’ve been a great business partner. Still hoping you’ll ditch the BlackBerries and adopt iPhone as an enterprise standard.

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