Sync Leopard’s Address Book to Google Contacts?

LifeHacker suggests a method for keeping your Contacts and Addresses in Sync using the new 10.5.3 Address Book settings only. Apple added this functionality so that iPhones could sync up with Google, but it may be possible to spoof the software by editing plists and running sync against another device or against .mac

The comments don’t provide a foolproof algorithm yet, but it seems doable.

Mac OS X Leopard: Enable Google Contact Sync Without an iPhone or iPod Touch

If you don’t have an iPhone or iPod touch and unlocking this useful bit of functionality isn’t worth paying hundreds of dollars for the device, a simple system tweak can turn it on for you.

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Testing Multiple IE versions

I haven’t tried this, but it may get you out from running a VM for each browser.
Have a look and let us know how it went.

Ajaxian » Testing IE Versions Just Got a Little Easier

Jean-Fabrice RABAUTE, the man behind the IE debugger DebugBar, has come up with a nice solution he’s called IETester. This free tool allows you to have the rendering and javascript engines of IE8 beta 1, IE7 IE 6 and IE5.5 on Vista and XP, as well as the installed IE in the same process.

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Mac+Firefox = Damn Clever

So we already know that if you own a Mac, you drink Starbucks and are pretentious. But here are the results of an IQ testing site binned by OS/browser type. It looks like smarter folks have opted for Firefox on Mac.

Apparently, Mac FireFox users iz smart. – Download Squad

MacPPC Firefox folks have an average 104.35 IQ, whereas those who use Firefox on Windows 98 have an average IQ of 91.66. Hey, what’s wrong with Windows 98? We know plenty of smart people who still rock on the W98. Ok, maybe one.

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Microsoft takes a page from Google Docs

Microsoft fields a search service that routes the advertising dollars to the users that click through and buy stuff. Just because they can … and see below.

The Empire Strikes Back: Our Analysis Of Microsoft Live Search Cashback

The first thing I thought when I saw Live Search CashBack was that Microsoft is hitting Google where it hurts, in exactly the same way that Google is hitting Microsoft with their free online Office offerings. Google isn’t making much money on Docs, but it sure threatens Microsoft’s core revenue stronghold.

Similarly, Microsoft isn’t likely to make much profit on Live Search Cashback, since they are giving most of the money back to users. But it hits Google in its sweet spot – commerce search. And it may have a bigger impact and a faster impact on Google than people realize. Docs is a still a future revenue threat to Microsoft – Live Search Cashback is taking money out of Google’s pockets today.

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Google Sites for All

Get it here… But where does this leave Google Pages?

Web Publishing: Google Sites Now Open to Non-Google Apps Users

Google’s free web site creation tool, creatively named Google Sites, is now open to users who have a non-Google Apps account.

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Microsoft’s Internet

So with the likes of Fake Steve Jobs calling Steve Ballmer’s touch-and-go buyout offer of Yahoo a brilliant strategy … you have to wonder what’s going on with the re-ignition of buyout talks. I mean, after causing pure chaos on the Yahoo Board and walking away without spending a dime … why not just declare “mission accomplished” and let Yahoo implode?

The neatest answer so far is spelled out below. (Yes, I know its Scoble).

Scobleizer — Tech geek blogger » Blog Archive Why Microsoft will buy Facebook and keep it closed «

I’m hearing these rumors too that John Furrier (my ex-boss) is reporting. That Microsoft will buy Yahoo’s search and then buy Facebook for $15 to $20 billion. Add that to all the news that Microsoft is buying Yahoo’s search and that gets very interesting.


Now Microsoft/Yahoo search will have access to HUGE SWATHS of Internet info that Google will NOT have access to.

Data and social graph portability is dead on arrival.

Microsoft just bought itself a search strategy that sure looks like a winner to me.

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Comcast buys Plaxo

Yessir. We knew Plaxo was looking for a buyer. Comcast comes as a bit of a surprise, though. Plaxo says that your Google contacts will continue to sync, and here’s why they think it all makes sense:

Plaxo’s Personal Card: Comcast to Acquire Plaxo; Pulse to Become Central to Creating Unified “Social Media” Experience Across the Web, the TV (and more)

Plaxo and Comcast have been working together for the past year on a number of initiatives. Plaxo is providing the universal address book for Comcast’s SmartZone communications center (slated to launch later this year), and we are also now hosting all of the address book accounts for Comcast webmail users. Our partnership has already more than doubled the reach of the Plaxo network, bringing the total number of accounts to nearly 50 million.

Together, we intend to deliver on a vision of making “social media” a natural part of the lives of regular people, not just early-adopters. For example, you should be able to securely post family photos online in Pulse, and have them viewable by any of your family members, whether they are online, at work, on their mobile device, or in their living room watching TV. And you should be able to discover new shows to watch, based on what your friends and coworkers have recommended.

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A Fine List of Mac Freeware

Here is a cleanly organized list of free Mac software. Best of all, it seems to cover the best-of-breed in every category … and contains a few surprises.

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Access Google Docs from OpenOffice

I haven’t tried it, but it might come in handy. :: Connect to Zoho Writer and Google Docs with OoGdocsIntegrator

Do you fancy Web-based word processors but aren’t ready to leave You can work with your Zoho Writer and Google Docs files from the convenience of Writer, courtesy of the OoGdocsIntegrator extension.

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Google buys into WiMAX

So how is this? Google herds Verizon into buying and opening up the 700MHz band and then finds itself with some cash to spend on plan B … to wit … WiMax in the form of Sprint and Clearwire which are merging and teaming up with a cast of dozens:

Sprint and Clearwire merge next-gen wireless businesses, goes by Clearwire – Engadget

the new outfit will be called Clearwire, even though Sprint will hold around 51-percent of the firm, while existing Clearwire shareholders will own 27-percent and the new investors will hold 22-percent. New investors? Ah yes, Intel, Google, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks will collectively invest $3.2 billion in the new company, but that figure is “based on a target price of $20 a share of Clearwire’s common stock,

But from a previous post, I think we can see why this part of the wireless strategy was plan B all along

Sprint, Clearwire set to announce $12B WiMAX deal with Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Intel, and Google? – Engadget

it’s a pretty big boost for WiMAX, which was looking pretty sickly lately. Still, asking consumers to have faith in Sprint and Comcast and Time Warner Cable is pretty ballsy — between the three of them, they’ve probably burned everyone in America.

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