The Asteroid and Enterprise 1.0

There is an article with an interesting point of view over at FastForward. Namely, the ongoing financial melt down is taking its toll primarily (at least for now) on the archetypes of Enterprise 1.0 – dinosaurs in a meteor strike – to use the metaphor of the article. 

The author asserts that in the ecological vacuum left behind, the nimble Enterprise 2.0 early adopters will catch the same break that mammals did 65 million years ago.

While poetic, I don’t know if that assertion can be supported with rational arguments.  But I do know that I get to link to this way-cool image:

The FASTForward Blog » Enterprise 2.0 – Now a necessity in a low/no capital world – The Death of the Dinos: Enterprise 2.0 Blog: News, Coverage, and Commentary

A deep undercurrent of this blog has been how difficult it is for a conventional organization to adopt a 2.0 world. The entrenched habits of control, centralization and top down could not be shifted. No amount of appeals, about the power of a 2.0 world, more speed, better infomation, better conection inside and outside the enterprise, landed with the change.


So until last week, it was still possible for organizations to chug along with a 1.0 perspective. For its key environmental factor, cheap and easy credit and access to capital was still in place.

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