Size matters: bigger iPod touch, smaller iPhone

Taking existing products and scaling them up or down in size seems to be the newest take on the iMac color marketing gimmick of the last century.

A Case, or Two, for an Apple iPhone Nano | Personal Technology | Financial Articles & Investing News |

Apple (AAPL Quote – Cramer on AAPL – Stock Picks) could exit the annual MacWorld Expo with a bang in the form of a new iPhone nano, according to apparent leaks by two device case manufacturers.

Rumor: Apple Launching Giant iPod Touch Next Fall

Citing “three independent sources close to Apple,” one who has “actually held the device,” TechCrunch says Apple is planning to release a giant iPod touch device with a seven- or nine-inch screen next fall.

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Alternative business models for newspapers

A thorough and recent summary of alternative support models for journalists. 

MediaShift . Your Guide to Alternative Business Models for Newspapers | PBS

MediaShift presents this guide to alternative business models for newspapers . The models we profile range from those that newspapers have been experimenting with for a while, to those that are brand new, or recently borrowed from other types of media. Our goal is to help spread the word about some of the best ideas and experiments in the industry.

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Managing Online Brand Reputation

I’m reminded of the quote by Oscar Wilde, here.  But if you need to manage your image, there are tools that have the appropriate price point to help out.  Filtrbox in particular looks like a handy way to generically aggregate feeds, filter, and then republishthe result.

Top 10 Free Tools for Monitoring Your Brand’s Reputation

We must remember that conversations are being held on the web with or without our consent. That means we can choose whether to be observers, participants or outcasts. Before you select observer or outcast, remember that these conversations can have a negative impact on your brand. Also, when conversations start on the web, like a forest fire, they travel very fast and wreak havoc along the way; what might start out as a mere tweet, may turn into a blog post and then make national news.

Here’s a basic reputation management system that I’ve been using, as well as a list of the top 10 free tools you can start using today.

If you have a profitable company to protect, here is the non-free corollary:

Top 10 Reputation Tracking Tools Worth Paying For

You should consider paid services if you are unable to manage and keep your pulse on your online reputation. Also, paid services help you analyze and understand the magnitude and sentiment of conversations around your brand, which would take you even longer if you did it manually. Services start out at a minimal price of $1 for individual bloggers and shoot up over $100,000 for large enterprises. If you are considering using a paid service, select the one that best matches your current situation and scale up as your requirements grow.

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AncientFS for Macs

Dust off those 9 track tape backups of your old Larn adventures.

AncientFS Brings Ancient File Systems to the Mac

AncientFS is a file system for MacFUSE that will mount all sorts of ancient file systems in the form of data containers as regular volumes on Mac OS X. “Examples of ‘data containers’ include file system disk images, tape images, incremental file system dumps, tape archives, and library archives.” You may then browse these volumes through the Finder as if they were regular volumes. They are read-only, and will preserve as many aspects of the original file system as possible.

In addition, Singh also introduced support for file systems in the System V and UFS families

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Going back to school, 2.0

So the downturn has you thinking about going back to school to reboot the old skill set.  Well, these sites can lend a hand.  I especially love the plagiarism detector and the “Windows ate my homework” sites.

10+ Web Tools To Save Your Butt In School |

To help you all with the next semester, I’ve decided to make a list of extremely helpful web tools that will make school easier for all the struggling students out there.

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Keeping GMail Contacts, Mac OS X Address Book, and Thunderbird in sync with iSync.

Well, ’tis the season to be jolly about Address Book and GMail Contacts.  Holiday cards need to be addressed, after all.   We’ve mentioned sync between these two before (for Mac OS X 10.5.3+ only), but didn’t get very far before running into trouble –  the Scotsman does not have a pricey iPod, or Mobile Me account, and our crummy bluetooth Sprint phone just laughs at iSync.

Never fear,  it turns out that all you need to do is follow this guy’s instructions:

How to Enable Mac Address Book to Sync with Google’s Gmail Contacts without an iPhone or .Mac [Mac Guide] : Zaphu

If you don’t have any iSync devices such as mobile phones or PDAs then you will also need to enable Yahoo syncing for this to work, see this guide for more information.

Hey.  A Yahoo account?  I have one of those, at least for now.  With a little editing of the iPod plist file in my Library, Yahoo!, GMail and Apple Address Book are all in sync.

To top it off, if you take the plunge and jump to the Thunderbird 3.0 Beta it’s contacts are integrated with the Mac OS X Address Book as well.  That makes this extension for syncing Thunderbird 2.0 with GMail Contacts sort of redundant, except that it does a periodic sync in the background.  Apple’s iSync can only be scheduled for the Mobile Me account and is manually launched for other devices.

But since there are at least three ways to automate periodic execution of a task on a Mac, that should not be considered a failing.  So with the help of Lingon and some AppleScript the automatic sync of Contacts across platforms pretty much just works (remember to turn on assistive devices).

As an added bonus if you set up your other Macs the same way, all your Mac Address books will stay in sync with each other.  Sweet.

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Twitter from GMail

All sorts of gadgets are being released for use with GMail labs.  This one looks good if you make use of Twitter.

Access Twitter Through Gmail With TwitterGadget

To access it, you’ll first need to enable custom gadgets in Gmail, which can be done from the Labs page under Settings. From there, you just insert the URL via the news “Gadgets” link you’ll have under Settings – – at which point you’ll be prompted for your Twitter login.

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What IT Governance?

This poll over at the Reg points to a disconnect between what we think we are doing and what is actually happening with IT governance.  Might you conclude that half of the IT governance organizations are pointless?  You might.  You might.

Steering the IT Function • The Register

Top of the priority list was keeping a clear technical view – either of the software or the hardware infrastructure, but other types of co-ordination were in vogue in less than a quarter of respondent organisations  … this finding seems stranger still when compared to the fact that over 40% of respondents have some kind of co-ordination body in place – might it be reasonable to ask, what exactly these people are doing…?

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Defending Subversion

In the rough and tumble world of code versioning systems, it does not take long for a trendy new kid to take a fall.

Why Subversion does not suck

The Subversion sucks meme, which has become very popular in the blogosphere (starting with Linus Torvalds and continuing here here and finally here for example) asserts that Subversion is obsolete and will fade away because distributed version control systems like git (mostly git), Mercurial and Bazaar offer a better and more flexible workflow.

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Guy on Twitter

Guy Kawasaki has done it again.  Writing a quick, easy-to-read manifesto on how to use Twitter like a marketing Swiss army knife.   I think Barak Obama may have gotten more value out of Twitter than Guy has, perhaps because he was using these tips.

How to Change the World: How to Use Twitter as a Twool

I may get more value out of Twitter than anyone else on the planet because I use Twitter as a tool—specifically as a marketing tool—for my website Alltop and my book, Reality Check. If the concept of using Twitter in a commercial manner interests you, keep reading.

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