The inauguration Round Up

So amid the stack of inauguration news, here is a sample of some pretty spiffy Two Point Obama posts.  The first is a word cloud analysis of the speech.  Following that is a “that was then this is now” look at the White House web site.  Zooming in for an even closer look at the site, we see the changes the new administration has made in the robots.txt file.  Like the openness?  It seems that Scott McNealy may be writing a white paper on open source in government for the POTUS, since he knows how to fend off the clutches of proprietary software. There is a photosynth site for browsing pictures of the moment and lastly, who knew the Bush administration twittered? 

Word Cloud Analysis of Obama’s Inaugural Speech Compared to Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Lincoln’s – ReadWriteWeb

What words were used most often? We ran the full text of the speech through tag cloud generator for one view of the event, and just for the sake of historical context we ran George W. Bush’s second inaugural speech through as well. Update: After one reader suggested it, we’ve also added word clouds from Bill Clinton’s second inaugural speech and Reagan’s first below. Second update: By reader request, we’ve added Lincoln’s first and second inaugural speeches as well.

The White House Website: Today Vs. When Bush Took Office

Comparing the two makes it perfectly clear just how much has changed since 2001, and what we hope will come tomorrow

The country’s new robots.txt file

a small and nerdy measure of the huge change in the executive branch of
the US government today. Here’s the robots.txt file from

BBC NEWS | Technology | Calls for open source government

The secret to a more secure and cost effective government is through open source technologies and products.

The claim comes from one of Silicon Valley’s most respected business leaders Scott McNealy, a co-founder of Sun Microsystems.

He revealed he has been asked to prepare a paper on the subject for the new administration.

Another Presidential Transition: @TheWhiteHouse on Twitter

Today, along with the rollout of a new, the account is now featuring updates (and a new avatar) from Obama’s new media team, with links to the text of the inaugural address and the new White House blog.

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