One more reason to hate Facebook

For a minute there, I was starting to think Facebook might make a go of it.  It seemed like they were going to open up RSS feeds so that you could actually use their service.  But they began shutting down the Newsfeed app last week (I only noticed mine going dark yesterday).  So back to my original endorsement of Facebook:  It sucks.

The followup article from ReadWriteWeb points out the irony.

Facebook Shuts Down RSS Feed App – ReadWriteWeb

We’re still disappointed though, and we wish that this rich source of data could be opened up for developers and users to build value on top of. What kind of publishing system doesn’t offer an RSS feed? A fundamentally closed one.

There’s something mind boggling about the fact that Facebook opened up user news feeds through the Activity Streams Atom protocol, thus allowing other applications to access and work with all that data, but explicitly prohibits the same information from being served up to users themselves as an RSS feed. So a software developer can access your news feed as a data stream, but you can’t.

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