Google Begins to Surround the Desktop

Google seems like its on a roll, with an upcoming Sept 30 release of Google Wave into public beta.  It also just released new versions of Picasa (3.5) and SketchUp (7.1) as well as releasing a Chrome plugin for Internet Exporer to bring it up to speed with HTML5 and JavaScript.  Once Google has the desktop is encircled, and begins to tighten its noose by satisfying customer needs,  the Desktop will be a place to open your browser.  Nothing else about it will matter, even the Operating system or hardware underneath … like Android  or Chrome OS.  

Now Apple also wanted the Desktop.

They have done a pretty good job, especially since the iPod became popular.  Apple’s strategy was to make the Desktop into a finely crafted appliance, like a swiss watch.  More expensive and less variety, true, but more reliable than the competition.  To each his own.  But the Google strategy by comparison is almost viral.  Infect existing Desktops with a foreign Desktop, and if the user experience is better, offer it on a less expensive platform and let market forces do the rest. 

None of this should be a surprise.  It is interesting, though, to be able to see the orchestration in motion.  Apple’s tactics are clouded in secrecy by comparison. 

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