Snow Leopard on a Dell Mini 10v

An up-to-date Mac netbook for $330.   Pricey if you ask me.  And of course its probably something Apple and Dell would hate to find you doing.  But it is interesting from and academic perspective. 

How To: Hackintosh a Dell Mini 10v Into the Ultimate Snow Leopard Netbook – Dell mini 10v hackintosh – Gizmodo

Netbook hackintoshing used to be an all-day process, with external optical drives, Terminal commands, and numerous terrifying driver tweaks. Today, there are simple software utilities to take care of all this for you. So let’s recap: Since 2008, the hardware has gotten cheaper and better, OS X more mature, and the installation process much simpler. Oh yeah, and Snow Leopard retail costs $30. (Though strict moralists should note that this is intended to be an upgrade.) There’s never been a better time to hackintosh—not by a long shot.

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