Psystar marches on.

Even if they can’t sell a Hackintosh – there is still value in selling a hardware platform that Mac OS X will slide into like a hand in a glove.  Providing the customer is willing to go that last mile and buy the copy of OS X and install it, that is.

Psystar switches from Mac OS X to Linux

In addition to using only first quality components, our hardware specifically chosen such that it is known to be compatible with OS X (via Apples own drivers or open source offerings online). This makes it easier to get up and running with your favorite XNU based operating system, including Pure Darwin.”

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More on the Google Phone: price rumor

Over at Mashable they are reporting on alleged screen shots that reveal the Google Phone “Nexus One” price policy … hop over for the details, but if you had been hoping that an advertising subsidized price point would make this a better option to an iPhone  … no joy.

LEAKED: New Details and the Price of Google’s Nexus One

– Price: $530 unsubsidized and unlocked (ouch!), $180 subsidized on the T-Mobile network with a 2 year contract.

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Google Phone Press event Jan 5.

It will be interesting to see what Google has in mind for pricing and carrier plans.

Google announces press gathering on January 5th – Hello, Nexus One.

There have been whispers around the rumor mill for roughly a week now that Google was planning on throwing a press shindig right before CES – and sure enough, the invites just went out.

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Get Snow Leopard running in VMWare

LifeHacker points to an article that demonstrates how to get Snow Leopard running inside a VMWare instance on Windows.   Of course this is just the sort of thing that got Psystar into hot water, but then again it they were not doing it as an academic exercise.  It should be possible to generalize the instructions for VirtualBox running under Ubuntu or even Mac OS X.   If anyone finds an article along those lines, please leave a comment.

Run Snow Leopard in a Virtual Machine in Windows – Snow leopard – Lifehacker

In order to get Snow Leopard working in VMware, you’ll need to be on an Intel-based Windows machine (AMD currently isn’t supported) with a retail copy of Snow Leopard, as well as a Snow Leopard VMware disk file, downloadable from many sources (iHackintosh lists a few).

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The cost of doing IT badly

If I’m reading the chart right, in the US the cost of IT failure runs about 8 percent of GDP.  Ouch.  The reason the costs estimates are higher in this analysis are because the author includes opportunity costs – not just the cost of throwing the money into the black hole that is your local IT department – but also the money you fail to earn by not spending it more wisely.  

Worldwide cost of IT failure: $6.2 trillion | IT Project Failures |

The calculations include estimates for lost opportunity costs incurred when projects fail, which is one reason these numbers are so high. These indirect costs have significant impact on the calculations reported in the white paper.

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Dial2Do tightens to screws.

Well my favorite free service for mobile voice command email and texting just jumped the shark and went to a pay plan.  It’ll cost you $3.99 a month to continue using the service (although there seems to be a free introductory trial) now that they are “out of beta”.  Sure hope Google voice adds basic voice to text services soon.

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Did Someone just code up the Rules of Robotics?

Interesting report on the efforts to reduce moral judgments into code.  Its a fun fun read just to try your hand at the trolley problem.  Are you as moral as a machine?  Or less?

Can Robots Make Ethical Decisions? | LiveScience

The authors of the paper claim that they have been successful in modeling these difficult moral problems in computer logic. They accomplished this feat by resolving the hidden rules that people use in making moral judgments and then modeling them for the computer using prospective logic programs.

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Oracle reaches agreement with EU on Sun deal?

Found this via DZone where it was noticed on a Sun corporate blog page.  So this bodes well for MySQL in the near term.   Now what about Netbeans?

Oracle’s ‘Sun’day –

According to a person with direct knowledge of the talks, European Commissioner Neelie Kroes approved the deal after Oracle agreed to fund the open database software, dubbed MySQL, for the next three years at more than $24 million annually.

At the same time, Oracle will form an advisory group of MySQL customers.

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Thunderbird 3 release

Whew.  Finally.

Thunderbird 3 Officially Released with New Features, Improved Look – Thunderbird – Lifehacker

ven if you don’t plan on using Thunderbird as your main email client, it’s an excellent tool for simply backing up your email—or even for accessing Gmail when it’s down. Thunderbird 3.0 is a free download for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

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Google Groups joins Google Apps

Well at last: email distributions for the Enterprise.  Now if they’d only add blogger.

Official Google Blog: Join this group: Google Groups joins Google Apps

Today, we’re happy to announce the launch of Google Groups to Google Apps Premier and Education Edition users.

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