Dial2Do tightens to screws.

Well my favorite free service for mobile voice command email and texting just jumped the shark and went to a pay plan.  It’ll cost you $3.99 a month to continue using the service (although there seems to be a free introductory trial) now that they are “out of beta”.  Sure hope Google voice adds basic voice to text services soon.

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  1. Think you may have the wrong end of the stick there Scotsman 🙂

    We’ve given ALL our beta users, a further FREE year of the service. Most users consider getting that, well, pretty fair actually.

    For new users, we continue to have a free option (which gives you free unlimited reminders) and a pro option (which includes texting, email and other applications, for $3.99 per month).


    • Wow Ivan. I’m impressed you guys took the time to come and post a comment. Thanks.

      Yep, you can continue to use the service for free for a year. And to be fair, the service (which is great) has been free up to now. After that it’ll cost you since the unlimited free reminders (the basic service for new users) is lame and mostly useless.

      $3.99 is a stiff fee for a service that is really only useful to people who are driving or otherwise need voice recognition software to do texting and email from their cell. For the rest of us occasional users, the free service was exactly what we needed.

      I’m going to miss it.

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