Solaris 10 license: free for trial only

OSNews has picked up on a post that points out a change in the Solaris license terms:

Solaris No Longer Free

“Hot on the heals of Oracle’s revamp of Solaris support, the licensing agreement for free downloads of Solaris 10 have changed. Here is the bit in question: “…Please remember, your right to use Solaris acquired as a download is limited to a trial of 90 days, unless you acquire a service contract for the downloaded Software”. So far the OpenSolaris license has not changed, it’s still CDDL.”

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Are Apple and Google So Yesterday?

Now that they have the SEC looking the other way, its time for a coffee break …

Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt Spotted Together Again: Photos – Google – Gizmodo

Jobs and Schmidt, whose companies have just ended their love affair, were spotted minutes ago talking business at Calafia in the Town and Country shopping center in Palo Alto.

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EMC to merge product lines

The article states that CX4 users will have a transition path to the new product line.

EMC to converge CLARiiON and Celerra arrays • The Register

EMC is about to converge its CLARiiON and Celerra arrays into a new V-CX product …

The product will apparently come with iSCSI and FCoE block access and possibly physical Fibre Channel too. File access will be through the usual suspects: NFS and CIFS…

A V-CX would fit nicely, in EMC product naming terms, alongside the
Symmetrix V-Max and the coming V-Plex array federalising box.

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Useful Java Libraries – Database and GUI

There is a review of four Java libraries over at R2’s Tech Blog.   They receive high praise there. 

R2’s Tech Blog: 4 Amazing Java libraries that you probably have never heard of

H2 Database – SQL Database written in pure and 100% Java. 

Neodatis – Be free of Object-Relational Mismatch and get in touch with Neodatis.

MigLayout – Do you often literally cry when you’re doing GUI with Java?

BeanShell – This is the most useful vaporware I’ve ever seen in my life!

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Online Chart and Graph Generators

There is a nice summary of 22 useful chart generators like Google Charts over at

22 Useful Online Chart & Graph Generators | Tools

In today’s post, we want to highlight some of the best web services that allow you to create various charts and graphs online on-the-fly. Most of them are easy to use and don’t you even worry about the design. Your output will be as good as what you see in the screen shots below

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Google Calendar finds a Good Meeting Time

At last.  Google Calendar will find putative meeting times.  Good bye Doodle.  It was fun when every manager in the place sent me email asking me to build a calendar for each meeting they wanted to hold.   Instead of simply sharing my availability with them on Google.  Not.

Smart Rescheduler Finds a Time that Works for Everyone in Google Calendar – Google Calendar – Lifehacker

Google Calendar just launched a new feature into Google Calendar Labs called Smart Rescheduler that uses a scheduling algorithm to suggest “best candidate dates and times” for scheduling meetings.

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Just in time for the iPad

Use your Mac to sync up and read your Kindle books.   Available just in time to make that eBook feature on iPad sort of superfluous.

Kindle for Mac

Read Kindle Books on Your Mac

* Get the best reading experience available on your Mac. No Kindle required
* Access your Kindle books even if you don’t have your Kindle with you
* Automatically synchronizes your last page read and annotations between devices with Whispersync
* Create bookmarks and view the annotations you created on your Kindle

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Google TV

The NYT ran a story about the Google effort with Sony and Logitech to field an Android-based competitor to Apple TV.   But TechCrunch offers and interesting take: smart phone operating systems and app stores (iPhone or Nexus One) may scale up from phone to tablet size, but that the next size scale is the living room big screen with a set-top box.  The living room is where Apple and Google both want to be, although they are reaching for it from different core businesses: advertising in Google’s case, and consumer electronics and content distribution in the case of Apple.

Google TV Should Finally Push Apple TV Beyond A “Hobby”

Google is working with partners including Intel, Sony, and Logitech to bring a Google TV experience into the living room. This is, of course, where the Apple TV resides. And Apple would be foolish to simply cede any ground it does have to its new favorite rival just because it’s focused on other things (*cough* iPad *cough*).

That’s a Microsoft move.

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An Upadate on Pillar Storage

Here is a very complete review of the strategic direction of Pillar Data – the innovative storage company fronted by Larry Ellison.  On the verge of an IPO or alternately being acquired, the technology is still competitive and worth keeping an eye on.

Ellison’s storage Pillar sits at fork in the road • The Register

“We aspire to go public at some point in time and we look at the IPO market very seriously from quarter to quarter.” He also said Pillar faced a fork in the road, with an IPO on one side, and being bought by a large incumbent on the other.

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Macs have a lower TCO than Windows

Here’s a survey result that you can quote if you ever run a project to assess how to save money by re-vamping staff computing strategy…

Survey: Macs cost notably less to support than Windows PCs

Macs are often the black sheep in the many enterprise environments which have been dominated by Windows for nearly two decades, but the growing consumerization of IT is slowly changing that perception. Though Macs often have a higher up-front price than many business-class PCs, Macs are usually believed to have a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) due to lower support costs. A recent survey of IT professionals in large enterprise environments that have a mix of Macs and PCs overwhelmingly agree that Macs cost less than PCs to support.

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