New VirtualBox 3.2 Beta

Looks tempting.  I wonder exactly what level of support they have included for “Mac OS X guests”?  It would be nice (but possibly illegal) if OS X guests were supported under Windows 🙂

VirtualBox 3.2 Beta – New Features and Re-Branding | Architects Zone

All references to VirtualBox have been changed to ‘Oracle VirtualBox’ by Oracle with no impact to compatibility they say. Some of the most significant new features are considered “bleeding-edge,” like the experimental support for Mac OS X guests. Another cool feature is Memory Ballooning. This allows a Virtual Machine to dynamically increase or decrease the amount of RAM that it uses. This feature works only in 64-bit hosts.

OVB 3.2 also has new CPU hot-plugging features [ but only on Linux and Windows, Ed. ]

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Use Google Voice as Skype Caller ID

If you only have Skype out, this will let people know where to call back.

Set Google Voice as Your Skype Caller ID – Google Voice – Lifehacker

A Google Voice number, one that rings all your phones, makes good sense as the caller ID number for outgoing Skype calls.

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Open Source Web based archiving with Omeka

Not just another CMS.   The thing that caught my eye here was the built-in support for Dublin Core compliant metadata to organize and access the archived collections.   One thing that was missing from the introductory pages was any mention of how well the platform scaled.  Could you archive and distribute 45 petabytes of image data, for example?

Omeka | Project

Omeka is a free, flexible, and open source web-publishing platform for the display of library, museum, archives, and scholarly collections and exhibitions. Its “five-minute setup” makes launching an online exhibition as easy as launching a blog.

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HP buys Palm

Now this is interesting since we just had a leak about Dell’s entrance into the mobile market with Lightning.  With Palm under its roof, HP keeps in step.

BREAKING: HP to Acquire Palm for $1.2 Billion

Ending weeks of speculation about its future, Palm has been acquired by Hewlett-Packard for $1.2 billion, the companies announced this afternoon.

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Illegal search and seizure in the Gizmodo leak case?

This is the first truly interesting and important development in the entire history of the lost or leaked next gen iPhone obtained by Gizmodo.

Police Seize Jason Chen’s Computers – Iphone 4 leak – Gizmodo

Last Friday night, California’s Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team entered editor Jason Chen’s home without him present, seizing four computers and two servers. They did so using a warrant by Judge of Superior Court of San Mateo. According to Gaby Darbyshire, COO of Gawker Media LLC, the search warrant to remove these computers was invalid under section 1524(g) of the California Penal Code.

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So does this count as evil?

Maybe buying a new wireless router every year is a good idea.

Google Street View logs WiFi networks, Mac addresses • The Register

Google’s roving Street View spycam may blur your face, but it’s got your number. The Street View service is under fire in Germany for scanning private WLAN networks, and recording users’ unique Mac (Media Access Control) addresses, as the car trundles along.

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Rumors of Apple and ARM

Even if the rumors are true, an acquisition of ARM by Apple would certainly cause even the SEC to sit up and take notice, let alone the Justice Department.  Nevertheless, here are a few observations from TechCrunch that make such a move seem fiendishly clever and maybe even worth a try.

Rumor: Apple Thinking About Buying ARM. iPhone Rivals To Sleep With The Fishes?

And if they did this, it would mean that almost all of Apple’s main competitors would likely have to find new chips to power their devices. While ARM doesn’t make the chips itself, it licenses out its technology to others who make the chips that go into Nokia, Sony, Samsung, HTC, and many, many other phones. This includes the iPhone and even the iPad, whose custom A4 chip is still based on ARM architecture. 
Apple bought chipmaker PA Semi back in 2008. That acquisition led to the
development of the A4 chip. But that acquisition also led to the
departure of key team members from the PA Semi team, who left to form a
new company, Agnilux, which Google
just purchased

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Android running on the iPhone

This is a cool video of a guy booting up and using Android on an older iPhone, which he ported himself.  Very impressive work. 

Linux on the iPhone: Android running on iPhone!

I’ve been working on this quietly in the background. Sorry about the initial video quality, but YouTube promises that the quality will get better as the video gets processed more

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Breaking up Google: Hard to do.

So here is a non-profit suggesting that the DOJ break up Google to address its monopolistic hold on Internet search.  Good luck.  One alternative proposal that sounds interesting is regulating it as a public utility. 

Consumer Watchdog Calls on Justice Department to Launch Antitrust Action Against Google, Including Possible Breakup — WASHINGTON, April 21 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ —

The letter from John M. Simpson, consumer advocate with the nonpartisan, nonprofit group, praised the DOJ for its opposition to the Google Books case and the Federal Trade Commission’s intense investigation of the proposed $750 million acquisition of AdMob. However, the group said it is time to move beyond a reactive approach and “actively restrain Google’s broader ability to abuse both users and advertisers.”

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Downfall Parodies Downfall

YouTube appears to be in the process of removing all the Downfall parodies at the request of the copyright holder.  Fair use apparently will not be tolerated, nine.  Better see this one on scientific peer review before its too late.

Hitler Is Very Upset That Constantin Film Is Taking Down Hitler Parodies

Earlier today, someone attempted to upload a new version surrounding the massive iPhone 4G (or iPhone HD, whatever) news. Unfortunately, as you can see on YouTube, that video has already been removed with the message, “This video contains content from Constantin Film, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.“

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