Apple: the worm turns

So here are a couple of stories that mean more side-by-side.   It looks like Apple is the new kid in town (at least as far as the Feds are concerned) and of course they have been flexing their new-kid muscles.    In spite of the bad PR, Apple is still selling iPads like hotscakes with no real competitor in sight. 

If you get a minute, read this essay that ties together elements of the current video wars, Apple’s new developer policy, and the demise of the Microsoft hegemony.   Its a good piece of analysis, although it misses adding a note on Apple’s recent shut down of LaLa as additional evidence of a massive, all-out struggle to own the Cloud.

Microsoft’s Windows Monopoly Now At Risk As Tablet Market Sprouts Without It

The latest: Microsoft shut down its experimental Courier tablet project.
And HP, which just bought Palm and its WebOS, decided to kill its Windows 7-based Slate, TechCrunch reports.

WSJ: Federal antitrust probe about Apple’s iAd service, too – AppleInsider

In addition to changes to the iPhone developer agreement banning the use of third-party development tools, a potential inquiry from federal regulators into Apple has been prompted by iAd mobile advertising network, according to The Wall Street Journal.

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