Facebook: Un-invited apps and Private Chats in Public

The security glitch that allowed private chats and pending friend requests to be aired in public is already being addressed, the article about the surreptitious addition of apps explains how to spot and get rid of them.  For good measure, I’m adding the latest “how to secure your profile” article at the end.

Facebook’s new features secretly add apps to your profile – Yahoo! News

If you visit certain sites while logged in to Facebook, an app for those sites will be quietly added to your Facebook profile. You don’t have to have a Facebook window open, you don’t need to be signed in to these sites for the apps to appear, there’s no notification, and there doesn’t appear to be an option to opt-out anywhere in Facebook’s byzantine privacy settings.

Facebook glitch exposes chat messages – Yahoo! News

Facebook temporarily shut down its online chat feature after a software glitch let people’s friends in the online community see each others’ private chat messages

Facebook Privacy: 8 Ways to Protect Yourself – Disable Facebook’s “Instant Personalization”. – Slideshow from PC Magazine

One of the more recent changes to Facebook is the “like” button and the birth of the instant personalization program.

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