Google Charts plots Functions

Who knew?  This is why I like the OUseful Blog.   It turns out that this feature was announced at the end of June, but it flew beneath the radar.   So how is it useful?   It turns out that you have a certain limited amount of data points that can be passed to Google Charts via a URL.  An alternative would be to generate a ton of data points, do a least squares fit to a polynomial, and pass the coefficients to Google Charts instead.  For well behaved data, this could produce higher fidelity plots.

Google Charts Now Plot Functions « OUseful.Info, the blog…

I didn’t get round to posting this at the time it was announced, but as I’ve got a few posts on a similar theme already (e.g. RESTful Image Generation – When Text Just Won’t Do) I think it’s worth a quick post for continuity, if nothing else: Google Charts support for TeX images and formula plotting (i.e. provide an equation and it will give you an image back of the formula plotted out); there’s also an interactive Google Charts Playground that I hadn’t seen before…

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