ACID databases and scalability

Thinking about hopping the last train to NoSQL-ville?  Here’s an article that explores what it might take to get a RDBS to scale well on commodity hardware.  Interesting.  Especially where it says they hope to release a code base in several months.

DBMS Musings: The problems with ACID, and how to fix them without going NoSQL

Our objective in this post is to explain why ACID is hard to scale. At the same time, we argue that NoSQL/NoACID is the lazy way around these difficulties—it would be better if the particular problems that make ACID hard to scale could be overcome. This is obviously a hard problem, but we have a few new ideas about where to begin.

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Google Docs, a la Wave

It looks like the fusion of Google Docs and Wave that might have made Wave a lot more compelling is going to proceed in spite of the putative demise of the collaboration environment.  In this case, Google Docs is adding Wave-style text highlighting when being edited by multiple users.

Google Docs Adds Wave-Style Collaborative Text Highlighting

Google Wave may be on its way out, but a lot of the features that made Wave so great at collaborating already have or seem to be making their way into Google Docs. Case in point: Today, Google Docs incorporates live text highlighting to Docs.

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