Consolidate contact info into GMail Contacts

Step-by-step guide includes using a couple new services gist and Google Contacts Sync.


Use Google Contacts as a Unified Address Book


If you find it a hassle to maintain multiple address books, a possible solution is that you consolidate them all into a single cloud-based service like Google Contacts.

Ed. note: Google Contacts is great, but not perfect. Once you’re done here, you may want to read up on how to fix Google Contacts’ biggest pain points.

Here are some ideas on how you may go about doing this:


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Google Sues Uncle Sam

Government contracts have to be competed fairly and openly.   It turns out that an RFP that asks for bids to provide a system whose requirements are pulled from Microsoft’s product guides is not really open competition.  About time somebody called them on it.

Google to U.S.: Who’s Being Anticompetitive Now? | John Paczkowski | Digital Daily | AllThingsD

Seems the Department’s Request for Quotations on the project required standardization on Microsoft’s Business Productivity Online Suite, which means Google’s Apps solution was necessarily shut out of bidding. “Significantly, the SOW (statement of work) and even certain terminology were closely aligned with Microsoft’s product literature for its Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Office Communications Online applications,” Google said in its complaint. “This was because the DOI had defined its needs and requirements around the Microsoft products.”


Update: So the government tried to exclude Google using that old “not secure enough” bogeyman.  But I guess Google took offense at building a government compliant infrastructure at great expense only to continue being ignored.

Government Agency Ignored Obama Directive When It Handed Microsoft A No-Bid Contract

According to the complaint, the DOI said that Google Apps didn’t meet the security needs of the agency. Google contends that it does have a federal government compliant security infrastructure in place, and the decision was based on limiting the scope to Microsoft products.

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