Spreadsheet Journaling now at Google Docs

No need to use email to version that spreadsheet collaboration.  Just do it in Google Docs.

This week in Docs: Revision history in spreadsheets – Official Google Docs Blog

Today we’re excited to announce that the new revision history view we added to documents is now available in spreadsheets. At a glance, you can now see all of the changes that collaborators have made cell-by-cell. Each collaborator is represented by a different color so it is easy to understand who made what changes.

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Patent Trolls

Who sucked up the Novell patents?  All the usual suspects.  

Microsoft Forms a Patent Bloc With Apple, EMC, and Oracle | BNET

When Novell (NOVL) finally structured an acquisition deal for itself, part included the sale of 882 patents to a consortium backed by Microsoft MSFT). Thanks to a tip received by free and open source software (FOSS) expert Florian Mueller, we learn that Microsoft’s partners are Apple (AAPL), Oracle (ORCL), and EMC (EMC).

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Was Stuxnet made in China?

Yes, you can see this posted on Slashdot, too.  But since we blogged the original analysis that Stuxnet looked like a piece of ordinance consider this a follow up.  The story reads like the Pink Panther scene where Clouseau has gathered all the suspects together in the drawing room and methodically ticks off the facts that lead to the undeniable conclusion that the wrong person did it.   If you got China and Israel into a drawing room and confronted them with these facts … read on:

Stuxnet’s Finnish-Chinese Connection – The Firewall – the world of security – Forbes

As far as China goes, I’ve identified 5 distinct ties to Stuxnet that are unique to China as well as provided a rationale for the attack which fits China’s unique role as Iran’s ally and customer, while opposing Iran’s fuel enrichment plans.

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