Tomcat server with nginx and memcached

Have a look at the diagram.  Something to keep in mind if you need to serve up high performance Java applications on a budget.

Killer Java applications server with nginx and memcached | Francisco Souza

As you can see, when a client do a request to the nginx server, it first checks on memcached if the response is already cached. If the response was not found on cache server, then nginx forward the request to Tomcat, which process the request, cache the response on memcached and returns it to nginx. Tomcat works only for the first client, and all other clients requesting the same resource will get the cached response on RAM. My objective with this post is to show how we built this architecture.

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HTTPS to Picasa Web


Although plugins HTTPS Everywhere and STS aren’t finding it automatically:

Picasa Web Adds HTTPS Support

Picasa Web Albums was one of the few Google apps that didn’t support encrypted connections. Now you can go to the secure version at to make sure that no one can intercept your requests. This is especially helpful if you use an unsecured WiFi connection.

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Skype Tightens the Screws: on Multiparty Video Conferences

If I already pay for Skype out … why isn’t this service free?  Isn’t it Peer-to-peer?  If it is, what exactly am I paying for here?

Skype group video calling sheds beta as paid Skype Premium service — Engadget

A new version of Skype for Windows just launched with a few notable features. To start with, stability has been improved as has quality. Unfortunately, the group video calling feature is no longer free now that the version 5.1 software is out of beta. A day pass costs $4.99 / €3.49 / £2.99 for impromptu sessions while a monthly subscription can be had for $8.99 / €5.99 / £4.99 with a 33 percent discount available to anyone signing up for 3 or 12 month subscriptions over the next 30 days. Two-way video calling is still free.

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