H.264 dropped from Chrome

The other interesting point is that Flash may also drop H.264 in favor of open codecs.

The Gloves Are Off: Google Chrome Browser Will Drop Support For H.264 Video Codec

In the world of online video, there is a battle brewing over the next dominant standard for online video, especially on HTML5 Web pages. Today, Google took the gloves off and declared that it will soon stop supporting the H.264 video codec in its Chrome browser. Instead, it will only support open-source technologies such as its own WebM initiative (with its VP8 codec) and the open-source Theora video codec, which is used by Firefox.

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The goo.gl API is available

Shorten, expand, or ook at the analytics history.  Cool.

Goo.gl Gets an API

The new API, like Google’s URL shortener, is rather straightforward. It gives developers the ability to use goo.gl to shorten or expand their URLs and to retrieve URL history and analytics.

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