Getting your Java to Talk Twitter


As somebody who had to puzzle this out on his own … you are gonna find this article so helpful.

Java Twitter Integration | Javalobby

During my development with Twitter4j, I was stuck with the authentication process. This article is an attempt at easing the use of Twitter4j so that I’ll be the only one to face such problems.

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Amazon Crosses the Finish Line First


With a very credible and affordable Cloud streaming music service.  Grab the free Pete Yorn tune and save it to the cloud.  Download the Android app – yep, they have a bar code – and you’re good to go.  First 5 GB is free: my favorite price point.

Amazon Cloud Player goes live, streams music on your computer and Android — Engadget

Oh snap! Look who just ate Apple and Google’s lunch here? Minutes ago, Amazon rolled out its very own music streaming service which is conveniently dubbed the Amazon Cloud Player. Existing Amazon customers in the US can now upload their MP3 purchases to their 5GB cloud space — upgradable to a one-year 20GB plan for free upon purchasing an MP3 album, with additional plans starting at $20 a year — and then start streaming on their computers or Android devices. Oh, and did we mention that this service is free of charge as well?

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