What’s the BUZZ?

Got the little yellow word myself today.  Buzz was the pathfinder for Google+ … so long little pathfinder.

Google alerts Gmail users of Buzz retirement – Tech News – IBNLive

Google is now alerting Gmail users about the impending retirement of its Buzz service. The notification in a yellow box reads, “Google Buzz is going away, but your posts are yours to keep” and directs users to a page that provides further information on how users can port their Google Buzz data.

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Blogger/Google+ Integration on the way …

Blogger Buzz

Today we’re excited to announce the first way you will be able to leverage Google+ — by making it possible to replace your Blogger profile with your Google+ profile. In addition to giving your readers a more robust and familiar sense of who you are, your social connections will see your posts in their Google search results with an annotation that you’ve shared the post. Plus, bloggers who switch will automatically get access to the Google+ integrations we’ll be rolling out in the future.

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How to convert a Google+ stream into an RSS Feed


A web service called PlusFeed

Google Plus RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are not officially supported by Google Plus yet, that’s bad if you want to follow a specific user on the new social networking site. Sure, you could add the user to a circle to read all (public) messages on the Google Plus website, or visit the stream of that user directly to access the new messages.

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The first fruits of Google+

And now we see that old investment Microsoft made in Facebook and its acquisition of Skype beginning to bear fruit.  If Microsoft can’t compete with Google … it will Borg anyone who can.  Facebook is in serious difficulty.

Facebook confirms ‘awesome’ Skype integration – Computerworld

Skype could be a useful and interesting partner for Facebook, especially with its impending $8.5 billion acquisition by Microsoft. Analysts have noted that in scooping up Skype, Microsoft can put the screws to Google, which reportedly had been interested in buying the company.

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MeBeam will have some Google+ Competition

For a free group video conference, we’ve always used MeBeam, but it looks like Google+ may surpass it – especially if it integrates with Google Groups well.

Google+ Hangout Is the Best Free Group Video Chat We’ve Seen

Team Lifehacker has been playing around with Google+ all morning, and so far the coolest innovation we’ve seen—particularly from a productivity standpoint—is the Hangout feature, which creates rooms for you to hang out with your friends, coworkers, or any of your social circles. It’s great.

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See how things are going at Google+


Someone ar SearchEngineLand has been using Google to Google Google+.   And finding some ineresting facts

How To See Inside Google+ If You Can’t Get Inside Google+

Google+ has been live for a full day now, and there’s plenty going on within the service, even with the limited number of people in there. Curious to see? Here’s a guide on peeping into Google Plus.

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Handy Google Docs App for Android

I can photograph a document and have it uploaded to Google Docs?  … Sign me up!


Google Docs gets an Android app, lets you capture text with your phone’s camera — Engadget

Google’s had a mobile-friendly version of Google Docs available for some time now, but it’s now finally gone the extra step and released a dedicated Android app. That will of course let you access and edit your documents on your smartphone, but the real standout feature is the ability to capture text with your phone’s camera and have it instantly made editable thanks to some optical character recognition.

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YouTube Store

Google tosses its hat into the ring along with Hulu. iTunes, and most importantly NetFlix with a new video rental service.

Google Challenges Apple, Netflix, Hulu with Video Rentals Service

The new YouTube movie rental service might start as soon as next week according to reports. It apparently will offer films from several of the major Hollywood studios and a number of independent distributors. Paramount, Fox and Disney are reportedly not part of the deal at this point.

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Gosling a Greygler


He had to be really made ar Oracle for this to happen

James Gosling is Now a Googler | Javalobby

The short announcement showed up on Gosling’s blog this morning and took the Java world completely by surprise:

“I find myself starting employment at Google today. One of the toughest things about life is making choices. I had a hard time saying ‘no’ to a bunch of other excellent possibilities.  I find it odd that this time I’m taking the road more travelled by, but it looks like interesting fun with huge leverage.”

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Sprint and Google Voice Team up


Sprint continues to make smart technology moves that keep it ahead of the iPhone sellers.  


Google plugs new-age telephony into US carrier phones • The Register


Setting up your Sprint number as your Google Voice number is free. If you move to this setup, when someone rings your Sprint number, your other phones will ring at the same time, including, say, your home phone and your business phone.

Calls from Gmail and text messages sent from the Google Voice website (google.com/voice) will display your Sprint phone number.

If they’d rather, Sprint users also have the option of replacing their Sprint number with their existing Google Voice number. This lets you tap Google’s service without installing a separate app, and it works on all Sprint phones.


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