Evaluating the Next Twitter, Color

Yea, I could have used this at a few rallys where I was too far from the stage.  Good idea.


Why Color May Be The Next Twitter

The ideal use case for Color then, is for events with large groups of people – like a concert or conference. Color ostensibly allows you to share your experience with that group; as well as augment your experience by giving you alternate views and allow you to see things that you’d otherwise have missed. ReadWriteWeb’s resident hacker, Tyler Gillies, recently used Color at a tech conference and noted that it allowed him to see slides from many different sessions.

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AOL Borgs the Huffington Post


If anything could breathe life back into AOL … or destroy HuffPo … this is it.

AOL Agrees To Acquire The Huffington Post

The transaction will create a premier global, national, local, and hyper-local content group for the digital age – leveraged across online, mobile, tablet, and video platforms. The combination of AOL’s infrastructure and scale with The Huffington Post’s pioneering approach to news and innovative community building among a broad and sophisticated audience will mark a seminal moment in the evolution of digital journalism and online engagement.

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Comcast Borgs NBC

It seems like Hulu is part of the deal as well.  This creates a multi-tenticled beastie like Warner-AOL once threatened to be, or like what Apple might become if they gobbled up Disney and started producing their own content. 

FCC approves Comcast’s purchase of NBC (Update: Justice Department too, it’s done) — Engadget

So far details include a promise of a “focused mechanism for online video providers to obtain access to certain NBC Universal content,” and that the newly formed entity will retain its economic stake in Hulu, while giving up its voting and board representation rights.

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The correct way to end every sentence

A period and one space.  In my defense, I have to say that I chose Courier font for my dissertation.  Old habits die hard.

Two spaces after a period: Why you should never, ever do it. – By Farhad Manjoo – Slate Magazine


When I pointed out that they were doing it wrong—that, in fact, the correct way to end a sentence is with a period followed by a single, proud, beautiful space—the table balked. “Who says two spaces is wrong?” they wanted to know.

Typographers, that’s who. The people who study and design the typewritten word decided long ago that we should use one space, not two, between sentences.


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HTML5 is the future of rich interfaces

I was waiting to see what came of the Silverlight announcement a couple days ago.  This article lays it all out.  I think the battle between Silverlight, Flash and JavaFX has just been called on account of HTML5.


Fans roast Microsoft for Silverlight demotion • The Register


Both Muglia and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer – speaking at last week’s Professional Developers’ Conference (PDC) – have made it clear: HTML5 is now considered the future for building rich interfaces for web-connected devices.

The original article that sparked the outcry during last week’s Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC) said:

“Silverlight will continue to be a cross-platform solution, working on a variety of operating system/browser platforms, going forward,” [Muglia] said. “But HTML is the only true cross platform solution for everything, including [Apple’s] iOS platform.”

Muglia promised on Monday that Microsoft will continue to invest in Silverlight and “enable developers to build great apps and experiences with it in the future”. It’s just that Microsoft’s commitment has shifted.


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ACTA runs afoul of the Law

Or at least 75 law professors.  This is a great introduction to the objections to ACTA …


PIJIP: – American University Washington College of Law


Over 75 law professors sent a letter to President Obama today asking him to “direct the USTR to halt its public endorsement of ACTA and subject the text to a meaningful participation process that can influence the shape of the agreement going forward.” The full text of the letter is at bottom. 

The letter comes as U.S. government officials this week have been telling public interest advocates that this may be the last week of consideration and the parties may decide shortly to initial the text, ending all further changes. Officials have previously described an intention to initial the agreement before the U.S. elections Tuesday.


The letter makes three main criticisms of ACTA.

First, the degree of secrecy in the negotiation — …

Second, the use of the “sole executive agreement” model for the agreement — through which it would enter into force without congressional assent or Presidential signature — is unconstitutional….

Third, the scope of the agreement has been misrepresented to the public…


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AOL Acquires TechCrunch

Hunh.   Go Figure.   And right on the heals of AngelGate. 


Tim Armstrong: We Got TechCrunch!


I’m very pleased to announce that we have acquired TechCrunch. Details are in the press release below, and I’m sure founder Michael Arrington will have a few words to say as well. This is a great complement to our continued investment in world class content.


Leading Authority on Tech News Will Expand AOL’s Growing Offering of World-Class, Audience-Relevant Content


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PepsiGate Ends

That didn’t take long. 

A Note from ScienceBlogs : Page 3.14

We have removed Food Frontiers from SB.

We apologize for what some of you viewed as a violation of your immense trust in ScienceBlogs. Although we (and many of you) believe strongly in the need to engage industry in pursuit of science-driven social change, this was clearly not the right way.

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Science Blogs Jumps the Shark

So this is how you get scientists to agree.   Not like herding cats at all, really.

Pepsi: Messy. : Superbug

Constant readers may have noticed by now that my Sciblings here at Sb are in a justified uproar about the inclusion of a new blog, Food Frontiers, sponsored — that means “paid for” — by Pepsi Co. Sb runs on advertising, but this paid space is not in the ad rails and banners, but in the main column. This was sprung on the blog community without advance notice on Tuesday.

A crapstorm ensued.

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FCC says “bring it on”

Will Net Neutrality be the law of the land?   There are promising signs today that we may have learned from history.

FCC will seek to regulate Internet providers

Internet companies such as Google and Skype and public interest groups are applauding the move because it would allow the FCC to carry out policies to expand broadband access nationwide. The groups also support the commission’s efforts to create a regulation that would force broadband service providers to treat all applications equally over high-speed Internet networks, a concept known as net neutrality.

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