A nice summary of new features in Java 7

TechGuy’s Blog: Java 7 – Language Enhancements (Part 1)

After nearly five year (on July 2011), Java SE 7 has been released! With Project Coin, the new Fork/Framework, the New File System API (NIO.2), and more. Java SE 7 is an important step in Java’s evolution. There are number of enhancements in the programming language, listed below.

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Mozy Tightens the Screws

And I was about to sign up for the Unlimited Plan – oh well.

Why Does Mozy Hate Your Freedom?

The company, which long offered unlimited back-up of files for a paltry $5 a month, increased their prices and cut the unlimited plan, citing financial problems with the model i.e. it cost to much to transfer and store terabytes of essentially useless information.

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Tech Refresh Path for EMC CLARiiON Customers

A nice summary of the hardware line that will supplant the CX4.

EMC follows NetApp’s lead with VNX line • The Register

The VNX products are the migration path for current CLARiiON and Celerra products, which will continue to be sold and supported. The VNX7500 is the migration product for Celerra NS960 and CLARiiON CX4-960 requirements. The 5700 and 5500 take over from the NS-480 Celerra systems and CX4-480 and 240 arrays. The 5300 and 52100 will eventually replace the NS-120 and CLARiiON CX4-120 and AX4 products. There will be non-disruptive upgrades through the VNX5000 range from the 5100 to the 5700.

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Dell and 3PAR not yet done deal

It looks like a bidding war is on.

3PAR had three suitors • The Register

So, everything was done and dusted – except that HP decided to re-enter the game and make a hostile bid on August 23, with a substantially increased offer of $24/share, totalling $1.6bn compared to Dell’s $1.13bn. Our understanding is that Dell is now preparing a counter bid, possibly in the $20/share area. A headless HP has made a decisive re-entry into the bidding race for 3PAR and Qatalyst partners now has the circumstances it needs to get as high a valuation of Dell as it can, engaging in a bid price shuffle dance, exchanging partners and testing price proposals in a what has become a 3PAR auction.

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Dell buys 3PAR for just over $1 billion

3PAR makes some fine storage products.  The interesting thing is that Dell already bought EqualLogic and resells EMC low-end kit.  You’d think someone at Dell was looking to corner the market on SMB storage solutions.

Dell To Buy Data Storage And Management Company 3PAR For $1.13 Billion

Dell has agreed to acquire 3PAR, a competitor to the likes of IBM, HP, EMC and Hitachi in the data storage and management space.

The transaction is valued at $18 per share in cash – marking a 86.5% premium to company’s Friday closing price of $9.65 – or approximately $1.13 billion.

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Brocade Acquisition Rumors

From the interesting-if-its-true department.   Brocade merging into Dell or IBM would be a nice counter-balance to Cisco/EMC.

The weekend Brocade rumour • The Register

rumour central has Dell, IBM and Juniper throwing their acquisitive hats into the ring for Brocade, with Brocade preferring to be bought by the big blue

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Zombie Copiers

Gadgetopia picks up this fascinating little item about office copiers.  Who knew?  I assumed that a secure disk erase was done as part of a power up.  Its not like there isn’t plenty of time …

Remember: Your Printer Has a Hard Drive

Digital Photocopiers Loaded With Secrets:These people bought four random, used copiers, for about $300 each. What they found was pretty chilling.

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Sybase fetches $6 Billion from SAP

For comparison, Sun bought MySQL for $1 billion

StreetInsider.com – Sybase (SY) Acquired By SAP (SAP) In $5.8 Billion Deal

SAP AG (NYSE: SAP), the world’s biggest maker of business-management software, has closed a deal to acquire Sybase Inc. (NYSE: SY) for approximately $5.8 billion

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Dropbox , Mercurial, and other uses

Here are a couple articles that spell out some interesting and useful Dropbox tricks.  The one about Mercurial is coolest – but probably only useful to a certain subset of readers.

The Cleverest Ways to Use Dropbox That You’re Not Using – Clever Uses – Lifehacker

Free utility Dropbox is great at syncing files between computers, but it has a lot more potential than just that. Here’s a handful of clever ways you can use Dropbox that you may not have thought of.

Mercurial (hg) with Dropbox

When you go to another machine, say a Windows machine, all you need to do to get access to your repository is to install Dropbox and then clone from it:

C:\code> hg clone “C:\Users\sgraham\My Dropbox\myproj-hg” myproj

And that’s it. hg push and hg pull && hg update will already work properly.

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A look at the pricing and adoption of SSD drives

Do the advantages of booting from an SSD justify a $3 per GB price tag?   Here is a nice article to help you decide for your next disk upgrade.

Why aren’t SSDs getting cheaper? – Computerworld

Now, pricing is expected to flat-line until next year, when NAND flash chip fabricators will be able to reinvest their profits to ramp up production and begin selling higher-density products, industry experts say.

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