The first fruits of Google+

And now we see that old investment Microsoft made in Facebook and its acquisition of Skype beginning to bear fruit.  If Microsoft can’t compete with Google … it will Borg anyone who can.  Facebook is in serious difficulty.

Facebook confirms ‘awesome’ Skype integration – Computerworld

Skype could be a useful and interesting partner for Facebook, especially with its impending $8.5 billion acquisition by Microsoft. Analysts have noted that in scooping up Skype, Microsoft can put the screws to Google, which reportedly had been interested in buying the company.

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Skype gets Borged

This article contains some insights from the venture capitalist that acquired Skype from eBay.  Basically, Microsoft just became relevant again. 

VC Ben Horowitz on Selling Skype to Microsoft for $8.5 Billion | Ben Horowitz | Voices | AllThingsD

Today, I tip my hat to an old rival, Microsoft. By acquiring Skype, Microsoft becomes a much stronger player in mobile and the clear market leader in Internet voice and video communications. More importantly, Microsoft gets a team, led by the exceptional Tony Bates, that can compete with anyone.

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Patent Trolls

Who sucked up the Novell patents?  All the usual suspects.  

Microsoft Forms a Patent Bloc With Apple, EMC, and Oracle | BNET

When Novell (NOVL) finally structured an acquisition deal for itself, part included the sale of 882 patents to a consortium backed by Microsoft MSFT). Thanks to a tip received by free and open source software (FOSS) expert Florian Mueller, we learn that Microsoft’s partners are Apple (AAPL), Oracle (ORCL), and EMC (EMC).

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GMail Invades

There is an old Sci-Fi movie where invaders from space take up residence in unsuspecting humans.   As the humans become more and more dependent on the aliens to provide life support, they end up eventually being completely replaced.   In this case, the alien is GMail, the host is Exchange server, and the technology used to colonlize the victim is Postini.   Very clever.

Google pitches Exchange backup with Postini | Relevant Results – CNET News

With the launch of Google Message Continuity, an e-mail backup service, Google wants to get a toehold in companies that run Microsoft Exchange servers for e-mail by offering themselves up as a backup solution should something go wrong with those servers. The idea is that in the event of an Exchange outage, workers could sign into Google accounts and get their regular work e-mail as usual through Google’s interface.

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GMail makes a move on the government.


Its not just any agency that chose GMail, its the GSA.

Google wins email contract with U.S. GSA – MarketWatch

Unisys will provide the services and implementation of Google’s software platform. The contract covers “cloud-based email and collaboration tools that will reduce inefficiencies and lower costs by 50 percent over the next five years,” The GSA said.

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Novell Acquired by Attachmate for $2.2 Billion

The kicker to this story is not the sale of SUSE linux, yet again, but rather the fact that Microsoft is once again involved in the deal.  This time, they are buying up $450 million in undisclosed IP assets held by Novell.


What’s Microsoft’s role in the Novell-Attachmate deal? | ZDNet


Seattle-based Attachmate Corp. is buying Novell for $2.2 billion, the companies announced on November 22. At the same time, Novell announced the “concurrent sale of certain intellectual property assets to CPTN Holdings LLC, a consortium of technology companies organized by Microsoft Corporation, for $450 million in cash.”



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Could Windows 8 work like Chrome OS?

Interesting article shows some slides from a Microsoft presentation about the architecture of Windows Next.   The snip below is the assessment they give of Windows 7.  Pretty much.  Their solution is to serve up a virtual desktop not unlike Chrome OS, with apps stored in the cloud and updated centrally to quickly patch securoity holes and bugs.

DailyTech – Slides Reveal That Windows 8 May go Fully Virtualized

With a traditional OS, maintenance burden is on the user or their hired help.  The company writes in the presentation, “[Customers today] see application compatibility issues, they see DLL hell, they see an inability to manage efficiently, they see high costs associated with maintenance and upgrades, they see a relatively short lifespan…..This cannot continue. Customers are increasingly refusing to let this continue.”

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A replacement for Goog-411

Haven’t tried it yet, but Bing must be good for something…maybe this is it!

Free Alternatives to the Departing GOOG-411

Google got all the pronunciations, accents, and business names out of its free 1-800-GOOG-411 service it needed to power its voice recognition, so it’s shutting down today. But please, please don’t ever pay for 411—use these services instead.

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HTML5 is the future of rich interfaces

I was waiting to see what came of the Silverlight announcement a couple days ago.  This article lays it all out.  I think the battle between Silverlight, Flash and JavaFX has just been called on account of HTML5.


Fans roast Microsoft for Silverlight demotion • The Register


Both Muglia and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer – speaking at last week’s Professional Developers’ Conference (PDC) – have made it clear: HTML5 is now considered the future for building rich interfaces for web-connected devices.

The original article that sparked the outcry during last week’s Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC) said:

“Silverlight will continue to be a cross-platform solution, working on a variety of operating system/browser platforms, going forward,” [Muglia] said. “But HTML is the only true cross platform solution for everything, including [Apple’s] iOS platform.”

Muglia promised on Monday that Microsoft will continue to invest in Silverlight and “enable developers to build great apps and experiences with it in the future”. It’s just that Microsoft’s commitment has shifted.


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Google Sues Uncle Sam

Government contracts have to be competed fairly and openly.   It turns out that an RFP that asks for bids to provide a system whose requirements are pulled from Microsoft’s product guides is not really open competition.  About time somebody called them on it.

Google to U.S.: Who’s Being Anticompetitive Now? | John Paczkowski | Digital Daily | AllThingsD

Seems the Department’s Request for Quotations on the project required standardization on Microsoft’s Business Productivity Online Suite, which means Google’s Apps solution was necessarily shut out of bidding. “Significantly, the SOW (statement of work) and even certain terminology were closely aligned with Microsoft’s product literature for its Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Office Communications Online applications,” Google said in its complaint. “This was because the DOI had defined its needs and requirements around the Microsoft products.”


Update: So the government tried to exclude Google using that old “not secure enough” bogeyman.  But I guess Google took offense at building a government compliant infrastructure at great expense only to continue being ignored.

Government Agency Ignored Obama Directive When It Handed Microsoft A No-Bid Contract

According to the complaint, the DOI said that Google Apps didn’t meet the security needs of the agency. Google contends that it does have a federal government compliant security infrastructure in place, and the decision was based on limiting the scope to Microsoft products.

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