See how things are going at Google+


Someone ar SearchEngineLand has been using Google to Google Google+.   And finding some ineresting facts

How To See Inside Google+ If You Can’t Get Inside Google+

Google+ has been live for a full day now, and there’s plenty going on within the service, even with the limited number of people in there. Curious to see? Here’s a guide on peeping into Google Plus.

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MySpace Leaves the Newscorp family

MySpace used to be the best place to root for new and interesting music.  Then Newscorp bought them for $580 million.  Selling today for 5 cents on the dollar … Somebody at Newscorp made a big mistake.

Myspace Acquired, CEO Out: Email From Mike Jones To Employees

Myspace CEO Mike Jones just sent out this mass internal email and press release confirming the company’s sale to Specific Media earlier this morning. Kara Swisher is reporting that the sale was for $35 million.

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Skype Goes to Washington

Here’s an interesting little article about my favorite free service.

US Congress To Use Skype For Video Teleconferencing

The US House of Representatives Committee on Administration has announced that Skype will be made available to the Members of Congress and their staff to improve efficiency and cut down on time spent traveling.

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Skype gets Borged

This article contains some insights from the venture capitalist that acquired Skype from eBay.  Basically, Microsoft just became relevant again. 

VC Ben Horowitz on Selling Skype to Microsoft for $8.5 Billion | Ben Horowitz | Voices | AllThingsD

Today, I tip my hat to an old rival, Microsoft. By acquiring Skype, Microsoft becomes a much stronger player in mobile and the clear market leader in Internet voice and video communications. More importantly, Microsoft gets a team, led by the exceptional Tony Bates, that can compete with anyone.

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Measuring Frame-dragging due to Earth’s Rotation

Impressive engineering feat, the Earth isn’t all that massive. 

NASA Gravity Probe Confirms Two Einstein Theories | NASA’s Gravity Probe B | Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity |

A NASA probe orbiting Earth has confirmed two key predictions of Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity, which describes how gravity causes masses to warp space-time around them.  

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Handy Google Docs App for Android

I can photograph a document and have it uploaded to Google Docs?  … Sign me up!


Google Docs gets an Android app, lets you capture text with your phone’s camera — Engadget

Google’s had a mobile-friendly version of Google Docs available for some time now, but it’s now finally gone the extra step and released a dedicated Android app. That will of course let you access and edit your documents on your smartphone, but the real standout feature is the ability to capture text with your phone’s camera and have it instantly made editable thanks to some optical character recognition.

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Evaluating the Next Twitter, Color

Yea, I could have used this at a few rallys where I was too far from the stage.  Good idea.


Why Color May Be The Next Twitter

The ideal use case for Color then, is for events with large groups of people – like a concert or conference. Color ostensibly allows you to share your experience with that group; as well as augment your experience by giving you alternate views and allow you to see things that you’d otherwise have missed. ReadWriteWeb’s resident hacker, Tyler Gillies, recently used Color at a tech conference and noted that it allowed him to see slides from many different sessions.

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YouTube Store

Google tosses its hat into the ring along with Hulu. iTunes, and most importantly NetFlix with a new video rental service.

Google Challenges Apple, Netflix, Hulu with Video Rentals Service

The new YouTube movie rental service might start as soon as next week according to reports. It apparently will offer films from several of the major Hollywood studios and a number of independent distributors. Paramount, Fox and Disney are reportedly not part of the deal at this point.

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Getting your Java to Talk Twitter


As somebody who had to puzzle this out on his own … you are gonna find this article so helpful.

Java Twitter Integration | Javalobby

During my development with Twitter4j, I was stuck with the authentication process. This article is an attempt at easing the use of Twitter4j so that I’ll be the only one to face such problems.

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Amazon Crosses the Finish Line First


With a very credible and affordable Cloud streaming music service.  Grab the free Pete Yorn tune and save it to the cloud.  Download the Android app – yep, they have a bar code – and you’re good to go.  First 5 GB is free: my favorite price point.

Amazon Cloud Player goes live, streams music on your computer and Android — Engadget

Oh snap! Look who just ate Apple and Google’s lunch here? Minutes ago, Amazon rolled out its very own music streaming service which is conveniently dubbed the Amazon Cloud Player. Existing Amazon customers in the US can now upload their MP3 purchases to their 5GB cloud space — upgradable to a one-year 20GB plan for free upon purchasing an MP3 album, with additional plans starting at $20 a year — and then start streaming on their computers or Android devices. Oh, and did we mention that this service is free of charge as well?

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