Novell Acquired by Attachmate for $2.2 Billion

The kicker to this story is not the sale of SUSE linux, yet again, but rather the fact that Microsoft is once again involved in the deal.  This time, they are buying up $450 million in undisclosed IP assets held by Novell.


What’s Microsoft’s role in the Novell-Attachmate deal? | ZDNet


Seattle-based Attachmate Corp. is buying Novell for $2.2 billion, the companies announced on November 22. At the same time, Novell announced the “concurrent sale of certain intellectual property assets to CPTN Holdings LLC, a consortium of technology companies organized by Microsoft Corporation, for $450 million in cash.”



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Novell looks to VMWare

SUSE Linux may be on the move again, if this deal goes though.

WSJ: VMware To Buy Novell’s Linux Business

Novell has been pretty much for sale for six months, and now The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Novell’s Linux business may be bought by VMware. Novell’s other assets, which includes Novell Netware, will then be bought by a private-equity backed software company called Attachmate Corp.

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Scripting Google

Why mess with Google API’s when they now come packaged as traditional unix command line tools?   Dust off those unix scripting skills to manage your Google assets.

Google free command line tool to access Web services « WiseCodes : Bringing You The Power of Code !!

Google announced a command-line utility called GoogleCL based on Python . The tool offers various Google services from the command line, including Blogger, Calendar, Contacts, Picasa, Google Docs, and YouTube.

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Wine 1.2 release coming in June

Wine 1.2 Planned for June 2010 Release

The next release will be 1.2-rc1, which will mark the beginning of the code freeze. This should result in a 1.2 final sometime in June.”

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Triple Boot your Mac – reprise

Get the latest from Microsoft and Ubuntu working an playing we with Mac OS X.

How to Triple-Boot Your Mac with Windows and Linux, No Boot Camp Required – Triple Boot – Lifehacker

Apple has streamlined the process of dual booting Windows on your Mac, but when it comes to Linux, Boot Camp isn’t so friendly. Here’s how to triple-boot your Mac with OS X, Windows 7, and the shiny new Ubuntu 10.04.

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An Auspicious Moment in Time

It looks like about 6:31:30 PM EST on Friday the 13th (you can use the command in the article to find the exact time on your system) you should have a single malt ready in hand.  Windows users need not bother.

Beware: UNIX Time to Read 1234567890 On Friday the 13th

Forget the Mayans and their silly 2012 doomsday scenario. The real end of the world will happen because of that most venerable of operating systems: UNIX.

That’s because next Friday, UNIX time will read 1234567890. Scary! And, it just so happens that this event will coincide with one of the more superstitious days on our calendar, Friday the 13th. Scarier!

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Watch CNN Live Stream with VLC

Well this is pretty handy.  Thanks to Lifehacker for making a generic post out of the gHacks original.  The URL is:


Streaming Television: Watch CNN Live and Full-screen with VLC

But users on any platform can use free, open-source VLC to play the stream. Download and install VLC, then select File > Open Network. Select HTTP/FTP/MMS/RTSP from the list of protocols on the left, and paste the rtsp:// URL from gHacks in the text area at the top. Now you can watch CNN live, full-screen and commercial free

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Lindows to go.

Xandros consolidates its holdings, killing off Linspire and keeping Freespire as a testbed for Xandros desktop … ala Fedora. :: Linspire is going away

Xandros purchased Linspire, the company, earlier this summer. This week, the company announced that it was going to revamp community distribution Freespire, basing its next version on Debian instead of Ubuntu, and using it as a precursor for Xandros Desktop Professional, in much the same way Red Hat uses Fedora and SUSE uses openSUSE. But the company didn’t need multiple for-pay desktop distributions, so Linspire is getting the boot.

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More Details on Sun’s Project Indiana

So what has Sun got in mind for Project Indiana?  Its already made nice with Ubuntu.  And other people have already started on Solaris/Linux hybrids.  It sure looks like an attempt to recapture back-room data center business that left for RedHat.

[Phoronix] New Project Indiana Details Emerge

Among the advantages of Project Indiana is that it will use Sun’s ZFS as the default file-system, and Project Indiana will be taking full advantage of its abilities to create snapshots and perform rollbacks if something with the system’s software goes wrong. With Sun’s past work with the GNOME project, GNOME will be the desktop environment in Project Indiana said Ian Murdock. He had gone on to reiterate several other basic points such as the single CD installation with network-based package management (likely powered by apt). Project Indiana will also be easier to acquire, as it will be available through mirrors that do not need registration and will be distributed via Bit Torrent. Another goal of Ian’s is also to modernize the command line.

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SCO Down for the Count

I know.  Hardly unexpected.  Certainly not fresh news.  But oddly satisfying to post, nevertheless.

The SCO Group Receives Nasdaq Notice Letter

LINDON, Utah, Sept. 19 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — The SCO Group, Inc. (the “Company”) , a leading provider of UNIX(R) software technology and mobile services, today announced it received a notice from The Nasdaq Stock Market indicating that the Company’s securities will be delisted from Nasdaq on September 27, 2007, pending an appeal. :: SCO files for bankruptcy

Microsoft guaranteed investments in the SCO case through a third-party investment firm, but even with help from Redmond, SCO is now admitting that it prefers to simply shrug off its debts through Chapter 11 than to continue bleeding red ink.

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